Grace Memorial Baptist Church Published: August 30, 2021
Job Type
Permanent Position
Salary Range (optional)
In line with Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) guidelines.


 The Next Generations Pastor will be a champion for the children, youth, young adults and their families as a part of the whole of the community and ministry of Grace Memorial Baptist. This pastor will give leadership, encouragement, vision, and oversight to the various ministries related to the position. 

Overview of Church and Community

Grace Memorial Baptist is in Fredericton, New Brunswick – the capital city of the province. The average weekly attendance is 100-150 people. As far as we know, we are the only church in the province with a blended worship music style that incorporates traditional elements such as hymns and organ music with more contemporary elements. The church’s origins go back to 1844. The congregation has been worshipping in the current building since 1964. Please see the attached community profile for more information. 

Church Purpose | Mission Statement

Building a community of grace; a Christ-centered mosaic. Many peoples – one community. 

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Accreditation by, or willingness to enter the process to be accredited by, the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada Board of Ministerial Standards and Education.  

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Align Ministries
  • To develop and implement a unified ministry plan across children, youth and young adult ministries in line with the church’s vision.
  • To foster unity and cooperation between leaders in children, youth and young adult ministries, meeting with the teams to develop and evaluate goals and strategies.
  • To nurture smooth transitions for young people as they grow through various ministries.
  1. Develop Leaders
  • Give oversight to the formation of leaders in the emerging generation ministries.
  • Coach and mentor ministry leaders to develop knowledge, character and skills needed to lead their leaders and ministries.
  • Model good leadership and a commitment to life-long learning and discipleship.
  • Assist leaders in whatever way is needed to ensure success and a joy in fulfilling God’s calling to them.
  1. Influence Discipleship
  • Connect children, youth and young adults with the whole message of the Gospel through relevant engaging, and memorable communications and experiences.
  • Create opportunities for children, youth and young adults to serve and participate in ministry locally and globally
  1. Partner with Parents
  • Support and resource parents in the task of raising children of faith.
  • Engage parents to have a positive influence in the spiritual development of their children.
  • Provide pastoral care for children, youth, young adults and their families.
  1. Champion People
  • Advocate for children, youth and young adults to have a significant and meaningful place within the Grace community.
  • Lead the emerging generation ministries to be a blessing to all generations within the Grace community.
  • Seek meaningful ways to engage interaction and relationship building between all generations.
  1. Create Safe Environment
  • Ensure a safe and caring environment where children, youth and young adults can explore faith and growth spiritually.
  • Ensure the Plan to Protect policy remains current and adhered to.
  1. Contribute to Community
  • Participate within the Grace community as a pastoral leader.
  • Be a supportive and encouraging presence as part of the staff and team of Grace.
  • Share in pastoral roles including being a voice in decision making and planning processes, assisting in common projects and initiatives, and being part of the rotation of worship speakers.


Preferred Skills

Working Relationships

  • The Next Generation Pastor is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor.
  • The Next Generation Pastor is a member of the ministry staff/team.
  • The Next Generation Pastor acts as the Coordinator for the Discipleship Ministry Team.
  • The Next Generation Pastor gives oversight and holds accountable the paid and voluntary staff of the children and youth and young adult ministries.

Personal Attributes

Follower of Jesus

  • Evidence of a personal relationship and commitment to Christ
  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity, godly character, and a consistent walk with Christ.
  • Life long learner with a good knowledge of Scripture and strong theological foundation which guides life and decisions.


  • Demonstrates spiritual leadership which empowers and encourages others.
  • Collaborative, team player who gets along well with others.


  • Able to communicate effectively one on one, as well as in small and large group settings.


  • Respected by and respectful of both other Christians and non-Christians.
  • Intercultural and intergenerational understanding and competence.
  • Demonstrates healthy family and interpersonal relationships.


  • Organized and self-motivated with a strong work and leisure ethic and balance.
  • Wise in the use of social media, representing church and faith honorably online.


  • Accreditation by, or willingness to enter the process to be accredited by, the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada Board of Ministerial Standards and Education.
  • Ability to think strategically and creatively.
  • Administrative and organizational skills.


Please send resume and cover letter to Kate Thompson, Search Committee Chair, at 

Grace Memorial Baptist Church welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.