Regal Heights Church Published: January 14, 2021
Job Type
Permanent Position
Number of Hours per Week


Please apply by January 31st, 2021.

The Associate Pastor will assist the lead pastor and be the ‘chaplin’ pastor.  The vision behind this hire is to care for the current flock, being the primary contact for pastoral care, weddings, funerals, baby dedications, new members, baptisms and the associated counsel and courses that go along with them.  This will give our Pastor more time to lead out and advance the vision and mission of Regal Heights Church.   The successful candidate will be someone who works well with the lead pastor, Leadership Team and Deacons, a good listener who communicates well with people of all ages.  There is a pastoral care team to work with, train and grow.  Therefore, this position is not just about doing the pastoral care, but seeing that the care gets done in accordance with Regal Heights Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives and Core Values:

Vision: “A joy-filled family of Christ’s ambassadors, impacting the lives of all generations”

Mission: “Building up disciples through engaging Bible based, Christ-centered ministry. We intentionally seek to serve and invite others to encounter the love and hope of Christ that transforms lives.”

 Strategic Objectives:

  1. Evaluate the facility needs which are required to progress our vision and mission.
  2. To raise up a servant base for every ministry that meets the ministry’s needs.
  3. Develop and maintain a robust and well-equipped staff & leadership team to promote the ministry of Regal Heights.
  4. Equip and disciple people to know Jesus and share their faith.

 Core Values:

Spirit-led, Grace, Unity, Prayerful, Accountability, Committed, Humility, Worshipful

Overview of Church and Community

Regal Heights Church is a growing contemporary community of all ages strategically located in the middle of the suburbs in Dartmouth/Cole Harbour, N.S.  This is a beautiful place to live where big city amenities, country/ocean experiences and countless outreach opportunities are mere minutes away.  As the ministry here continues to grow, the demands on our Lead pastor have also grown.  To continue growing at a sustainable pace, we are now looking for an additional pastor to help care for the flock.  We are praying to get the right people in the right places because we are passionate about leading everyone to Christ in this city where they can learn to know Him, experience Him in worship and be led by Him in our daily lives.  If your calling is in pastoral care and general pastoral duties, please prayerfully consider applying.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him.
  2. A clearly demonstrated love for and willingness to serve, equip, and minister to the church body and the greater church and community.
  3. Commitment to moral purity
  4. Demonstrated standard of excellence in performing the tasks of the job
  5. A servant leader
  6. Has a good reputation
  7. A clear understanding of your call by God to serve as a shepherd.

Education and Experience:  Meets the biblical requirements of Elder as found in 1 Tim 3 and Titus 1.  Master of Divinity or equivalent is preferred but not necessary if you can demonstrate solid competence in this role.


  1. A leader who can work with a team of staff and volunteers effectively
  2. A heart for spiritual formation of those in the congregation
  1. Relational skills and an encouraging presence for leading a growing church in pastoral care
  2. Skilled in organizing and implementing a robust care program
  3. A self-starter
  4. Good communication skills, both written and oral (preaching, teaching and official communication).
  5. Working knowledge of computer programs like Microsoft office and email.  Other tech skills a plus but not necessary (i.e. Video editing or video streaming)
  6. Proactively advance theological study and learn new skills relative to this position.
  7. To recruit and train servants.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Maintain authentic and growing walk with Jesus Christ through ongoing spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, personal worship, fasting, confession and fellowship.
  2. Plan the pastoral care ministry and other general pastoral duties in consultation with the Lead Pastor and do so with prayer, conceptual forethought and theological accuracy.
  3. Be the service manager most Sundays.  When you preach, the lead pastor will be the service manager.  This is designed so that whoever is preaching, the word is all we want them focusing on without distractions of implementing the service.
  4. Assist with planning special events.
  5. Oversee the pastoral care budget, organization, and volunteers.
  6. Set annual goals for the pastoral care ministry that are in line with our vision and then evaluate how those goals were attained or modified during the year.
  7. Preparation of written communications and documents, for congregational meetings.
  8. In many ways, this position is very similar to a small church pastor’s daily duties.


Our responsibilities to you:

Please Note that though continued growth will be challenging, you will have an incredible team working with you.  You will have plenty of freedom, but you will not be on your own.  If some of the responsibilities seem beyond you but you are willing to learn and be used by God in a mighty way, please apply, we are more than happy to help someone grow and walk out their giftings.

Hours of Work:  40 hours a week with flexible scheduling.  Must be flexible to work other hours on occasions where attendance is required.  Flexibility also exists so you can easily care for your family and personal life.  We are far more concerned about quality ministry being accomplished than you ‘punching a clock’.  Overtime, when needed, will be paid back with extra vacation time.  For example, we usually close the office between Christmas and New Year to make up for how busy the Christmas season is, nothing would be deducted from your vacation days in this case.

Renumeration and vacation will be competitive and in line with your skill.  Regal provides a generous co-pay retirement saving package and our medical benefits, which are excellent, are paid for entirely by the employer.

You will receive ongoing care and fair reviews to ensure you are well looked after.  You will also have budget access for continued education and/or conferences, mobile phone usage and milage.


We are praying for you.  All applicants will be replied too.  If after praying you discern you should apply, please send your resume to our office at