Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada Published: December 9, 2021
Stultz Hall, Suite 130, 333 Gorge Rd., Moncton, NB

Job Type
Permanent Position
Salary Range (optional)
Based upon qualifications and experience


The Executive Minister of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) is an energetic, visionary leader who is willing to take informed risks in order that Atlantic Canadians can join God on mission in their neighbourhoods. This individual delights in realizing the CBAC’s Kingdom potential, by re-imagining ministry and governance models, and by strengthening collaborative relationships that serve a common cause in Christ.

The Executive Minister is a leader of people, of processes and of themselves, and is a champion of equity and diversity. The individual works with CBAC Council, facilitating Council development opportunities that will assist in realizing a more nimble and responsive model of governance. Additionally, while valuing what works, the individual will have an unrelenting desire to align vision, people and process to produce fresh expressions of ministry. The Executive Minister unleashes the power and potential of people, pastors, and the churches of the CBAC.

The Executive Minister reports to the Council of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. The Executive Minister functions as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is responsible for implementing a ministry of spiritual leadership and support to the denomination, while ensuring that the mission of the CBAC is achieved and the directives and policies adhered to. The Executive Minister, on behalf of the Council of the CBAC, exercises administrative responsibility with Boards and Committees and supervises and directs the activities of Senior Staff members.

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Qualifications and Education Requirements

Theology and Missions
• An ordained minister with a proven ability to reflect theologically, with minimum of a master’s level of education, preferably from an institution accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

• Solid understanding and experience in complex social and theological issues facing the Church; willing to seek and hear wise counsel

Strong commitment to facilitating and enabling the local church to grow in integral Christian discipleship, dedicated to supporting ‘Fresh Expressions’ and traditional expressions of church.

Acts as primary spokesperson for the denomination on all significant matters expressing commonly held views in necessary communications and dialogues with media, governments and their agencies and any other relevant external groups or organizations. This responsibility may, if circumstances warrant, and at the discretion of the Executive Minister, be delegated to another CBAC staff member.

Seeks to tell the stories of the denomination in our midst and to the outside community.

Ability to present a compelling message surrounding the CBAC’s vision, mission, values, and ends in communication with individuals, churches, and partners

Strong written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking and writing for publication; embraces multiple platforms of communication technology

Awareness and sensitivity in cross-cultural communication

Excellence in team building and relational skills

Proven ability to network and build effective working relationship with a wide range of stakeholders including staff, donors, churches, educational institutions, and partners

Ability to engage with all generations

Familiarity with the CBAC’s member churches, their priorities, and practices

Other Job Requirements
Willing and able to travel regularly to help the churches understand the mission and vision of the CBAC

The Executive Minister is expected to work with the CBAC Council executive to set up a mutually agreed upon professional executive coach and/or a spiritual mentor

A member in good standing, or willing to become a member of a church of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada

In agreement with the CBAC’s Basis of Union, and Covenant of Christian Workers

Role and Responsibilities

Strategic & Organizational Leadership
Provides energetic and engaged leadership to staff, CBAC Council, partners, constituents, and stakeholders, fostering mutual respect and trust

Ensures that the vision, mission and ends of the CBAC are a regular part of communications with staff and stakeholders

Leads and supports Council in developing heightened awareness of best practice in governance; this allows for the CBAC to realize the full potential and participation of Council members to serve and continually attract diverse talent to volunteer roles

Leads the development and implementation of plans and initiatives to realize the vision and mission, while remaining flexible to allow for adjustments in global, regional and cultural realities.

Establishes priorities and directs the staff in accordance with the organization’s mission and vision

Holds senior leadership team accountable to the achievement and measurement of strategic outcomes

Demonstrates the ability to assess and respond to a complex and rapidly changing environment

Experienced in organizational financial management

Fundraising ability and experience & holds excitement for creative opportunities in this regard

Champions training related to cultural competency

Constituent & Partner Relations
Facilitates the identification, development, and ongoing effectiveness of partnerships locally, regionally, and nationally.

Directs the organization’s interests within the CBAC family of churches, and effectively leads development of increased awareness and benefits of working together.

Ensures respectful and dignified treatment of constituents and ministry partners Fiduciary Oversight

Cultivates a “careful stewardship” culture among staff

Demonstrates the fiscal discipline necessary to ensure a strong ongoing financial footing for the organization

Works with the staff to meet the annual budget, making adjustments as necessary and in compliance with Council policy

Ensures the organization maintains sound financial management practices

Provides oversight to ensure that the organization’s assets, both tangible and intangible, are protected

Oversees the development of fundraising strategies and donor-base expansion

Personnel: Recruitment & Retention
Ensures ongoing recruitment & retention of diverse, competent and qualified personnel to help pursue the organization’s mission, vision and ends

Is responsible and accountable to the Council for the organization, management, and day-to-day activities of the CBAC in accordance with all written guidelines

Ensures fair and ethical treatment of staff, including assurance of positive working conditions and compensation


Proposed Starting Date: September 1, 2022

Review of Applications will begin January 10 and continue until the position is filled.

Applicants must be able to enthusiastically endorse and personally affirm the purpose and theological position of the CBAC. We make every effort to hire exceptional individuals.

Qualified candidates wishing to be considered for this position should send:
A letter of application; (or alternatively, a link to a video introduction, maximum 4 minutes in length)
CV with names of at least three references and their contact information

Please direct applications to:
Mr. Douglas McLeod
President, Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada