East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church Published: January 9, 2023
22 Carnforth Rd, North York, ON M4A 2K7

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The CPC works with the Next Generation Ministry (NGM) team and aims to integrate the children’s programs and activities into the overall ministries of the Church.   

Overview of Church and Community

East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church (‘ETCBC’ or ‘Church’) is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-congregational and multi-generational community of followers of Jesus Christ, whose mission is “to inspire, enable and develop people to grow in their understanding of Kingdom values and to use their God-given gifts to live out those values in all spheres of life.” 

The children’s ministry consists of about 30-40 regular children participants and their caregivers.  The key purpose of the CPC is to lead and champion our Children Program to provide children with a strong biblical foundation and the message of the Gospel. Cultivate the love of God in their lives, and nurture them with truth and actions. 

Church Purpose | Mission Statement

ETCBC’s vision is that starting with our church and local community, Victoria Village, ETCBC will train people to minister in their own homes, communities, places of work and beyond. 

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  1. Education qualification: Bachelor's degree in pastoral ministry (or christian ed) or equivalent from an accredited North American bible college or seminary 
  2. Character:  Mature follower of Jesus Christ, who seeks to continue to grow in relationship with God through regular practice of spiritual disciplines (Scripture reading, prayer and solitude, small group fellowship, engaged in spiritual direction, giving, service), models servant-leadership, and seeks to live faithfully, manifested as the fruit of the Spirit.  
  3. Minimum 1+ year experience in Children and/or Youth ministry 
  4. Cultural Awareness and Intergenerational Experience:  Has work or life experience within an intercultural (preferably Asian-Canadian) context. Continually seeks to deepen understanding of contemporary Canadian society to minister effectively to intergenerational/cross cultural congregations.  
  5. Personality: relational/caring, approachable, adaptable, has high emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and inspires confidence in leadership.  
  6. Must be eligible to work in Canada 

Role and Responsibilities

Program planning and execution: 

  • Working with the NGM Pastor and Committee to carry out strategic planning and vision casting for our Children program at ETCBC, covering ages from birth to grade 5. 
  • Plans and oversees programs, budgets, and administrative aspects for all Children Programming at ETCBC, including the baby nursery, children Sunday School classes, children  
  • fellowship, children worship and other children’s outreach programs like Kidscamp (VBS), Fall Fest, Easter and Christmas celebrations etc 
  • Implement and participate in the program delivery of the Children Program. 
  • Lead the ongoing development of a Christian education curriculum for children’s Sunday School and fellowship. 
  • Maintain a safe and inviting physical environment for the Children Program to take place in. 

 Pastoral care, discipleship/leadership development: 

  • Create and ensure a positive, safe and healthy environment for our children to discover God and grow in biblical faith 
  • Build personal relationships with and provide pastoral care to children to ensure proper development of children’s spiritual life. 
  • Parental support and involvement. 
    • Maintain regular communication and contact with parents to gain understanding and support. 
    • Engage parents to involve with and take ownership of the Church’s children program. 
  • Assist the NGM Pastor to recruit, nurture and train lay leaders and volunteers for all Children programs. 


  • Promote and communicate the essence and importance of Children program to each congregation to gain understanding, draw support and participation 
  • Communicate and promote ministry activities, events and developments to all other pastoral staff, parents, volunteers and cross congregation members.  



Preferred Skills

  1. Passion for the spiritual development of children and families through age-appropriate pastoral care and teaching. 
  2. Capable of working with multi-generational, multi-ethnic groups in a variety of settings. Capable of working with people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. Experience with a Chinese Canadian or multicultural church is an asset.  
  3. Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills in English. Able to work with Mandarin and Cantonese speakers. While facility in Mandarin or Cantonese is an asset, this should not deter potential applicants.  
  4. Administrative, organizational and time management skills. Self-starter, team and consensus builder. Ability to facilitate and direct discus


Please submit your resume to: hr@etcbc.org 

East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.  

Thank you for applying.  Only candidates who are invited for interviews will be contacted.