Westhill Park Baptist Church Published: April 5, 2022
8025 Sherwood Drive Regina SK S4Y 1G1

Job Type
Permanent Position
Salary Range (optional)
Competitive wage that is commensurate with experience and education as per the C.B.W.C.’s salary grid recommendations. A Comprehensive Benefits Package.


The Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries & Discipleship will be responsible for the spiritual formation of the adults at Westhill P.B.C. The primary strategic objective is to define the standards by which personal discipleship will be measured and to align ministries around a relational focus to achieve those standards among our people. Ultimately this person will build the infrastructure for spiritual growth and relational connection for the adults who attend Westhill Park Baptist Church.

Administratively, the Associate Pastor will identify and develop a core team of leaders to aid in the process of developing, organizing, training, empowering, and supporting Discipleship Teams at Westhill Park Baptist Church as the congregation fulfills its core purpose to Pursue God, Build Community and Unleash Compassion.

As a staff team member, the Associate Pastor shall share in the administrative functions, congregation leadership, planning Sunday worship, preaching, vision casting, ministry evaluation, pastoral care, lead a home small group, and other delegated ministry functions. They will also oversee and supervise our preschool.

The Associate Pastor will be a champion of disciple-making for Jesus Christ. The primary focus of this role is people. This person will intentionally encourage personal belief and ownership of one’s love for God, faith in Jesus Christ, and fruit born of the Spirit. The goal of this position is to provide leadership and to equip persons to be disciple-makers and to live out sacrificial love for others, flowing from their supreme love for Jesus Christ. The Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries & Discipleship shall be a godly individual who demonstrates a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ and meets the Biblical qualifications for the office of Pastor.

Church Purpose | Mission Statement

To transform lives, families, and communities by pursuing God, building community and unleashing compassion.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  1. Divinity, M. Arts or equivalent in disciplines related to Christian Education.
  2. Training and/or experience implementing a discipleship and equipping model in another ministry context with clear goals, process, and quantifiable results.
  3. Previous ministry experience, and/or strength in and ability to build and lead teams and sub- teams on a large Christian organizational level.
  4. Well balanced leadership and delegation skills that employ the gifts of others.
  5. An understanding of systems theory and its implications for large organizations
  6. Computer technical skills relevant to the job.
  7. Social media presence and capacity to connect and do ministry virtually.
  8. Subscribe to a Pastoral Leadership Team Ministry model.
  9. A Christ-centered, biblically rooted, warm-hearted and contagious faith in Christ which expresses itself in a loving, joyful, healthy relationship with others and personal freedom in sharing his/her personal experience/journey with Christ.
  10. Exhibit the gift of teaching and preaching with noted strengths in discipleship development and evangelism.
  11. A team player who works well with other church staff members and who has proven effectiveness in working with volunteers.
  12. Evidence of Christian character with lived-out spiritual disciplines and participation in the life of the church.
  13. A personable person who prioritizes people and relationships over tasks.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Work with the Leadership Teams to develop vision, goals, and benchmarks for the Discipleship Ministry related to Adult Ministries. Communicate with staff, lay volunteers and participants to evaluate progress toward these stated goals.
  2. The development of an adult discipleship process where adults are equipped to take the next step along the discipleship pathway, including using their God-given gifts in service to each other, to the church, to the community, and overseas.
  3. Equip our congregants to discover their spiritual gifts, calling, interests, and availability for ministry, including our lay leaders, then compile a Spiritual Gift Inventory, personal assessment tools, connect them to ministry opportunities.
  4. Support, mentor, supervise and coach the Discipleship Team (not limited to but including Gather & Grow teachers, Small group leaders and Adult ministry leaders).
  5. Create the framework for the congregation to grow in their love for God and others through the seven spiritual practices of: prayer and meditation, reflection on Scripture, financial generosity, participating in a small group community, gifts-based service and ministry, invitational evangelism, and corporate worship.
  6. Oversee Small Group ministry. Cast vision for existing small groups, train and equip leaders with relevant tools, provide curriculum and other resources, and lead development for new and multiplication of small groups, while providing opportunity for all persons to grow spiritually and to develop gifts of leadership.
  7. Evaluate and improve resource needs for our "Gather & Grow" classes and other weekly/monthly ministry initiatives for Adult Discipleship/Education.
  8. Lead our New Comer’s ministry program and develop guest follow-up and guest-assimilation ministry programs which welcome, and introduce persons to Westhill P.B.C, and then invites and leads guests toward active fellowship.
  9. Oversee and supervise the staff of Happy Hearts Preschool. Explore ways with the staff to connect with parents and optimize the potential enrolment and the outreach goals of the preschool to our neighbourhood and church community.
  10. Plan and supervise our church’s community building social events (not limited to but including spring/fall BBQ, Christmas banquet, Centennial celebration, etc.)

Job Related Expectations:

  1. Salaried: Full-time A 40+ hour week is the salary baseline.
  2. A church provided office will be the primary place for day-to-day
  3. Volunteer in various aspects of congregational life beyond the salaried
  4. Serve on the Pastoral Ministry Team and participate at weekly staff meetings.
  5. Serve as the Pastoral Team liaison on one of the church’s working committees
  6. Attend Denomination meetings and represent Westhill Park Baptist Church at other ministry related events when assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  7. Credentialed with a License and Ordination through Canadian Baptists of Western
  8. Reports directly to the Senior Pastor of Westhill Park Baptist
  9. Pursue personal growth and practice spiritual
  10. Participate in Continuing education or ongoing training pertinent to the
  11. Preach occasionally on a rotation schedule as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  12. Assist and work in a collaborative manner with the other pastors and support staff of Westhill Park Baptist


  1. Design and oversee the budget for all activities within the Adult ministries and Discipleship portfolio of the
  2. Provide pastoral care and counsel as needed and within the training limits and qualifications of the pastor and pastoral role.

Preferred Skills

  1. A clear passion to see, draw and invite uncommitted persons into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. An excitement and commitment to the mission, vision and core purpose of Westhill Park Baptist Church. An expectation to become a member of the church.
  3. A visionary person with the freedom to explore the most effective means by which the church’s mission and vision can be fulfilled.
  4. Work/life/family balance that extends to support systems outside the church.
  5. Light-heartedness, authenticity, flexibility, with a sense of humour, and ability not to take him/herself too seriously.
  6. High energy, flexibility and creativity for the demands of a growing ministry.
  7. Personal commitment to Baptist polity, core values and culture of Westhill Park Baptist Church, and willing to abide by all Board approved church policies.


This position will be posted through May 31, 2022, or longer as may be needed.

Applications shall be submitted electronically to Senior Pastor Tim Coleman at office@westhillchurch.ca and must include a current resume, and cover letter.

Candidates entering the interview process will need to provide a substantive doctrinal statement and recordings of past teaching/preaching sermons.

Candidates who are shortlisted will have to read, affirm and sign the ministerial protocols manual and agree to the denomination’s (C.B.W.C) culture statement.

Candidate hire will be dependent upon the recommendation of the pastoral search committee with input from the Board of Westhill Park Baptist Church.

Anticipated start date: June 15th, 2022, or a date mutually agreed upon.