We are pleased to announce the Canadian Baptist Choices Flexible Benefits Program coming into effect July 1, 2012.

Following a thorough analysis of information and data that included direct survey feedback from both employers and employees, a design team representing all regions developed this new flexible group benefits plan. The Plan will be implemented July 1, 2012 for active group plan members of Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM), Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ), and the French Baptist Union (FBU).

Under the new Choices program, you will be able to select your preferred benefits from three distinct options; update your selections periodically based on your changing benefit needs, and potentially make full use of a tax-effective Healthcare Spending Account to supplement your health and dental benefits.

ChoicesA formal communications program has been developed to help you understand the new Choices program. We encourage you to read the communication materials as they arrive in your inbox and keep them for future reference; carefully go through all 3 plans and choose the plan best for suited to your needs; register and participate in one of the live webcasts; choose and submit your personal benefit selections; and complete and return your new designation of beneficiary form.

Visit the Choices website to see the Employee Survey Results Bulletin, a comprehensive Q&A, or to ask a follow-up question about the plan. If you require assistance to access the Choices website please contact Sarah Westman-Liu in the CBOQ office at 416-622-8600 (ext. 314).


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