CBOQ Sunday is March 3, 2019

What is CBOQ Sunday? Once a year, we ask our churches to take a few moments during their Sunday morning services to share this with their congregations: Your church is part of an amazing family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.Together we are sharing our common faith, caring for our leaders, growing and expanding our church family and building up the next generation of Canadian Baptists. We are helping our churches to connect with each other and work together for the glory of God and his kingdom.

To help you celebrate being part of the CBOQ family, we are preparing free worship resources and, featuring our very own Canadian Baptists, The Canadian Baptist magazine, which will be send to your church for everyone in our CBOQ family!

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CBOQ Sunday FAQs

What is CBOQ Sunday?

CBOQ Sunday is an opportunity for our churches to celebrate what it means to be a family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.

We share a common set of beliefs and values, and covenant to make decisions together, supporting one another and growing together.

What message shall I share with my church?

How you want to celebrate CBOQ Sunday is up to you! If you’re stuck for ideas, we have worship resources available for you. You can also include the following in your Sunday morning service. Feel free to tailor it to your own congregation and context.

“It is not good for man to be alone”—it’s right at the beginning of the Bible. We humans don’t do well when we’re isolated. We thrive when we’re part of a family, a tribe of people who help each other, watch out for each other and live life together.


Your church is a family. You’re together (at least) every Sunday. You worship God together, pray for each other and care for one another. When someone is sick, you bring meals and visit. When a new baby is born, you all rejoice. When someone passes away, you all feel their loss. And each of you gathered there today brings something unique to your family.

And your church brings something unique to Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. We share common values and beliefs, but each church has its own character and culture. We steward your resources to equip all our churches and their leaders to engage in their mission from God in their communities. We gather together at Assembly—our annual family reunion—to make decisions about the future of our CBOQ family and learn and grow together.

Your church isn’t alone. You’re part of a vibrant tribe that loves Jesus and serves him passionately. We are glad to have your church as part of this family of churches as we are transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.

What resources are available to help my church celebrate?

We will be sending you copies of The Canadian Baptist for every family in your church, filled with stories for and about our Canadian Baptist family. As well, we have worship resources—available below—and a suggested statement that you can tailor to your church right above.

Worship Resources

Read or Download CBOQ Sunday Worship Resources

Read or Download our Intergenerational Worship Resource

CBOQ Sunday Videos

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Read or Download our Intergenerational Worship Resource

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