CBOQ Sunday was March 4, 2018…

If your church joined us for CBOQ Sunday, thank you! We are grateful that you are part of this amazing family of churches. If your church didn’t participate this year, you are still welcome to celebrate CBOQ Sunday in your own time.

So what is CBOQ Sunday? Once a year, we ask our churches to take a few moments during their Sunday morning services to share this with their congregations: Your church is part of an amazing family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.Together we are sharing our common faith, caring for our leaders, growing and expanding our church family and building up the next generation of Canadian Baptists. We are helping our churches to connect with each other and work together for the glory of God and his kingdom.

To help you celebrate being part of the CBOQ family, we are preparing free worship resources, copies of The Canadian Baptist magazine and a CBOQ Sunday video starring your very own Canadian Baptists!

Download the video above from CBOQ Sunday 2018 or stream it live for your church. We’re excited to share this video by Canadian Baptists, for Canadian Baptists.

Read or Download The Canadian Baptist: CBOQ Sunday 2018

Read or Download our Intergenerational Worship Resource