Being faithful to God and others during this COVID-19 crisis isn’t easy, is it? Navigating your financial challenges, difficult HR decisions and leadership opportunities is difficult, but we are people of hope. This crisis is an opportunity for your church to continue to build disciples of Jesus that are engaged in mission.

But how do you do this when your ways of gathering and worship have been disrupted? How do you lead through high emotion, high stakes critical conversations? And how do you lead with pressing new financial realities?

Leading through the unknown, making decisions that affect others’ lives is demanding, stressful and disorienting. There is no outside authority to lead your church through this situation. However, through the ongoing guidance of the Holy Spirit, together with over two centuries of faithful witness in Central Canada, you are not alone. This isn’t our first critical scenario; it won’t be our last.

CBOQ has developed a plan to help your church leadership build capacity during crisis. Through webinars, coursework and coaching, we are here to equip lead/senior pastors, board chairs and key leaders to care for their congregation and community through the crisis.

1. Webinar

2. Coursework

3. Coaching

1. Webinar

When you register, we will send you a link to a pre-recorded webinar, tailored to the size of your church. We encourage you to share the link with your church’s board and leadership.
Next Steps
  1. Register below for the course of study that reflects the size of your congregation (average pre-COVID Sunday worship attendance).
    Your church’s Lead/Senior Pastor, Board Chair and any other ministry leader should attend.
  2. Following the webinar, you will be required to complete an assignment if you decide to continue onto the coaching process.

2. Coursework

Once you have watched the webinar and reviewed the course materials, we encourage your leadership team to meet and review any of the information that is helpful.

After watching the webinar and reviewing the materials , if your church leadership feels that you have enough of a boost to get you moving in the right direction, we want to bless you to thrive! Do let us know if we can support you in any other way.

If you would like additional support, CBOQ is pleased to be able to continue journeying with you. As part of that journey, we encourage you to build a simple action plan. The plan includes identifying:

  • 2 goals you could work towards during this time
  • 2-3 church ministry goals you would like to do in the next few weeks / months
    • You can use the 100+ Ideas as a reference or come up with your own
  • 1-2 church organizational goals

More information will be coming soon!

3. Coaching

Once you have developed the goals above, you may find it helpful to have a CBOQ staff person come alongside you for some coaching and consulting.

We would love to review the goals you have developed and then we could meet with select members of your team or your entire board for 1 or 2 sessions.

To set up an initial coaching / consulting session please contact Carol Gouveia.

Questions? Contact Marc Potvin, Interim Director of Church Life and Leadership.