We want to develop and maintain strong relationships with our pastoral leaders throughout CBOQ.  To that end, we provide a system by which pastors are connected for support and accountability to others within our family of churches.  Accreditation, supervision and ordination all encourage our leaders to excellence and effectiveness in ministry.  These processes are administered through our Department of Leadership Development.

Accreditation Manual

Accreditation Forms

  • Accreditation Tracking Form
  • Form 1 —  Application for Accreditation
  • Form 1A —  Updating of Ministry Information or Transfer of Accreditation
  • Form 2 —  Minister’s Interview Guidelines
  • Form 3  —  Church Leaders’ Interview Worksheet
  • Form 4  —  Academic Professor Reference
  • Form 5   —  Director of Leadership Development Reference Form
  • Form 6   —  Certificate of Recognition
  • Form 7  —  Supervisor Report
  • Form 8e —  Association Ministry Committee 1st Interview Reference (Level 3)
  • Form 8f —  Association Ministry Committee 2nd Interview Reference (Level 3)
  • Appendix 2  — Retired Minister’s Future Ministry Form
  • Personal Growth Plan

Discipline Protocol

Pastoral Ethics

Ministry Information Profile


For all of the pastoral leaders who are becoming newly credentialed with us at level 2 or 3, we require a period of supervision from an experienced minister. For the details, see the Accreditation Manual (Blue Book).

If you are serving as a supervisor for this process, there are suggestions for approaches in our Supervisor’s Manual.

For more information, or for print copies of these resources, contact Sheila Dyck (sdyck@baptist.ca or 416-620-2933).

New Pastors’ Orientation

Annually the CBOQ offers a retreat for all those who are new or who have not yet been accredited by the CBOQ.

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