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Church Planter And Missional Leader Application

At CBOQ we believe that God calls and equips people in specific ways to serve the body of Christ. We want to facilitate and guide those who are discerning their call as a Church Planter or Missional Leader and assist leaders to serve within the CBOQ family of churches. When you have completed the following questions, we will invite you to an interview with us and prepare you for your assessment. This will be an opportunity to explore the opportunities and possibilities for you with CBOQ. The answers you give to these questions will form the basis of our conversation together.
List the first names of people you have personally introduced to faith in Christ within the last few years. Share a few examples of recent conversations where you have helped someone take a step nearer to Jesus. Share how have you led a venture in which the goal was to help pre-Christians come to a better understanding of who Jesus is. Use the Plus button (+) to add space for additional names.
List (if you have any) questions that you have for us. These could be about our Church Planting and Missional Leadership process or general questions about CBOQ. Use the plus sign (+) to add space for additional questions.
List the names of six references (name, email, and phone). Please include at least one person who you have worked with inside the church, and one person who knows you in a different capacity outside the church. Use the plus sign (+) to add space for additional names.