CBOQ Assembly 2019

Imagine a tree that clung tightly to its seeds, vigilantly guarding each one against all forms of attack. The seeds, never falling to the ground, would never fulfill their purpose. Instead, the tree invites hungry interlopers, allowing its seeds to be spread far and wide, growing new forests. 

The letting go can be painful, but when we do it, we allow something new to grow. We now live in a post-Christian culture. Our churches will no longer be filled because of societal pressures. But each church, whether it is thriving or struggling, urban or rural, is planted to flourish. Each church has a unique mission from God in its community, called to grow disciples in the name of Jesus. 

Sometimes, doing this well means changing how we do things. The death of the old isn’t easy, but it is necessary. Jesus has set the example that when we are open to letting things die, he will bring about a more glorious new life. This is why I’m excited to invite you to CBOQ Assembly 2019: Planted to Flourish. We want our family of churches to thrive, to be fully engaged in God’s mission and to be beacons of hope in their communities.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that last year CBOQ Assembly approved the addition of a young adult delegate (aged 18-25) in addition to the delegates your church is already allotted. To make it easier to include input from the next generation, we are excited to announce that when your church registers two or more delegates, CBOQ will waive the CBOQ Assembly registration fee for your young adult delegate. We look forward to welcoming young leaders from your church families!

CBOQ Assembly is an opportunity for us to help equip you, our church leaders, with what you need to fully engage in that mission because your church, as part of God’s Kingdom, was Planted to Flourish.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!