The CBOQ Certificate Loan Program: Merging Faith and Finance for Stewardship

By Adam Cree, CBOQ Associate Director of Finance and Administration

In the realm of Christian stewardship, we are entrusted with God’s resources, talents, and opportunities. The Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ) have embraced this concept by establishing the Certificate Loan Program, a testament to our commitment to extending the kingdom of God through innovative faith-based financial solutions.

The Certificate Loan Program: Bridging Faith and Finance

CBOQ’s Certificate Loan Program is a unique financial initiative designed to empower believers to support their member churches financially. Participants have the flexibility to provide loans to CBOQ at any time, starting at a minimum of $1,000, in multiples of $100, with loan terms ranging from one to five years. Interest is payable annually on the loan’s anniversary date.

Flexibility as the Cornerstone

The Certificate Loan Program is designed with flexibility in mind. At the end of the loan term, participants have several options, including renewing the loan for an extended commitment to CBOQ’s mission, redeeming the loan, or donating it along with the accrued interest.

Extending the Kingdom of God through Financial Stewardship

The Certificate Loan Program reflects the profound Christian understanding of stewardship, emphasizing our role as caretakers of God’s blessings during our time on earth. By participating, we serve our member churches, and support the greater good of our community. It exemplifies faith-based financial planning, allowing participants to align with their Christian values and contribute tangibly to their member churches.

Enrolling in the Certificate Loan Program offers a unique opportunity to merge financial growth with faith-based stewardship. As members of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, let’s use the Certificate Loan Program to bear witness to our faith, translating God’s bestowed stewardship into action. By doing so, we honor our faith, fulfill our Christian obligations, and actively participate in extending the kingdom of God.

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