By Alvin Lau, Youth Ministries Associate, CBOQ


Back on June 27, 2000, I started this new ministry chapter that was never part of my “career planning.” Darren DeGraaf and Nancy Bell took a chance and brought me into the CBOQ staff family, originally as the Youth Administrative Assistant.

Since then, I’ve had the honour of serving and supporting the youth ministries across our CBOQ churches as they continue to bring the person and message of Jesus to the youth within their church and outside in their communities.

Through that time, I have witnessed the changes in youth and youth culture. I’ve seen both the ways we’ve empowered them and the ways we’ve failed them. I’ve sensed the prayers of so many saints wanting to see this upcoming generation know Jesus.

Throughout the last several years, there have been calls to action in reaching the upcoming generation, whether through Imaginative Hope, the newest report called Create and Cultivate, or through studies like Hemorrhaging Faith and Renegotiating Faith. Some churches have stepped up to the challenge; others are wrestling with other issues. Unfortunately, a few have apathetically turned inwards, negating their responsibility to see the truths of God pass on to the next generation.

Over my years as part of CBOQ Youth, I’ve ministered to 3+ generations of youth (a generation defined as 3 years of jr. high ministry and 4 years of high school ministry). There are some who have grown into mature, faithful leaders of His church; there are some who’ve wandered away.

Throughout it all, I’ve seen the faithfulness of God, continuously finding ways to connect with the upcoming generation. Because Jesus continues to meet them where they are at, so many are willing to faithfully and boldly step into a relationship with Him. Through Him, we continue to see the world transformed, bit by bit, through these faithful disciples in the upcoming generation.

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