Your Faithfulness is Showing

James 5:16b “…the prayers of a righteous person are powerful…”

CBOQ Family, your faithfulness is showing! My email inbox is still getting requests for contact information for sister churches, almost 10 weeks after the 2023 names went out. You have been trying to gather prayer requests and learn more about your sister churches.

Each week I open an email from my home church and read the prayer requests for our church family. There in the lines devoted to encouraging us to pray is the name of our sister church. An important reminder. My fellow CBOQ staff members come back from visiting your churches and show me pictures of bulletin boards with the names of sister churches posted. Online slides do the same for even more of our churches so we will not forget our Baptist family in our prayers.

Recently, at a CBOQ church, as I stood to share a little from God’s word, I first told those gathered about our sister church initiative. Before I finished, the group shouted at me, with smiles on their faces, the name of the church they pray for every week. The members of this church, when they gather, lift up the concerns of their 2023 sister church. I know they are not the only ones. I see your faithfulness to one another and to the work God has for each of your ministries. Family, your faithfulness is showing. Be encouraged!

We would love to see how your church is participating in prayer. Please email with your pictures, or testimonies of answered prayers, or news of new relationships with CBOQ churches.

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