Resurrection is here. Christ is Alive, and Christ lives in you and me; thanks be to God. As proclaimers of the Easter story and as distributors of God’s love, let us live out this resurrection at church, at home, at work, at school and in our communities. Walter Brueggemann writes, “Easter living is an existence of joy and well-being that culminates in praise and thanks.”

In our CBOQ family, the Easter story and Christ’s resurrection motivate us to live out our mission of supporting church leaders as you engage in your mission from God in your community. Our calling as Christians hasn’t changed in that we are to bear witness to Christ’s resurrection! May we follow the example of the three Marys in Mark 16 – Magdalene, Clopas, and Salome – and with urgency share this news with all with whom we associate.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on our need as Christians to re-focus on intentions of making disciples. Christ directed us to “Go, Make Disciples.” It is easy for us to believe that someone else will focus on this command from Christ. However, we are all called to make disciples throughout our lives. What will that take for you? Have you helped to “make a disciple” lately? Is there someone God has placed in your path so that you might make a disciple? This Easter, let’s celebrate and worship like we do every year. But this year, let’s recommit ourselves to making a disciple this year. Will you?

Know of my love and care for you, our beloved CBOQ family. Easter is more special when I’ve celebrated it with you.

With Resurrection Joy,