Striving for Change

By Anika McNaught, Ossington Avenue Baptist Church


Black History Month is a time most individuals pause to reflect and honour many of our ancestors who have passed on and who still reside in our nation today.

As a young Black woman,  I believe everyday for me is celebrating my culture, accomplishments and that of my ancestors.

Sometimes I question, “why do we get only a month to celebrate? A month that only carries 28th days, sometimes 29, depending on the cycle?”

Why do Blacks have to be extra careful when traveling in public? Why do Blacks have to repeat the same tradition yearly?

When I think about Black History,  I see education, love, unity, belonging, inclusion and acceptance. God created us uniquely in His own image and likeness. When he made us, He said “it is very good.” We are loved by God and so should the world treat each other.

Struggles of Youth In Ministry

As I grew up in Jamaica and Canada, my love for Christ kept me active in ministry, always faithful for the work of the Lord and passionate about serving children and young people.

Over the years I have witnessed many young  people especially those in the Christian faith shy away from utilizing their voices or God-given talents because of fear, discrimination, abuse and neglect. Some left the place that’s supposed to nurture and guide them because they feel nothing is in the Church for them. Some are overpowered by the dominant characteristics of elderly leaders and avoid voicing their opinions which later gets shut down.

The big question I want to ask is this: how can we embrace the growth of our young people and support their learning as they evolve in the Christian faith?

It is my vision to see many of our leaders continue to work alongside the most vulnerable population and encourage them to speak up because they matter.

This Black History Month and onwards, let us unite and strive for change to empower not only Black youths but every young person across the nation. We want to see great success and accomplishments from our next generation. As a youth leader and Sunday School Superintendent at OABC, my goal is to uplift our children and youth and grant them the opportunity where they can be seen and heard.

I am empowered to serve and on a mission to reach the lost at all cost with the help of my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Blessings in abundance,
Anika McNaught

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  1. What a joy it is to see the passion of young people serving our Lord and sharing their faith with others. God Bless you as you continue in ministry.

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