Welcoming Ukrainian Newcomers

By Abby Davidson, Pastor of Missional Discipleship, Spring Garden Church

Last February, many Ukrainians began fleeing their country as their homes and neighbourhoods were transformed into a war zone. Most of those fleeing were women and children. Spring Garden was able to welcome a family, a mom and two teenage daughters, by offering them some support as they set up their new life in Toronto. Those who have uprooted their lives are hoping and dreaming for peace, freedom, protection of loved ones and defenders at home, and for reunion with their families

Over the past few months, the Ukrainian community in Toronto has continued to grow. It’s difficult coming to a new country and starting from scratch, which is why Spring Garden Church is partnering with Neighbourlink North York to host bi-monthly events to help connect newcomers with friendly members who want to help. This is an event for newcomers to make friends, network, and learn about useful resources. We are planning to have fun, food, and most importantly, we are building a supportive community for Ukrainians in North York.

This is a unique opportunity to show God’s care to people who need it!

2 thoughts on “Welcoming Ukrainian Newcomers”

  1. Thanks for shraing Abby, creating a welcoming space is so important for everyong for many reasons! Blessings to this ministry at Spring Garden Church!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this, Spring Garden and North York. Thanks for including it in this newsletter, too. Such a needed service for refugees of all nationalities, but especially Ukrainians at this time of war. May God bless my fellow Ukrainians and may he use this ministry to reconcile them to Himself!

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