Life-giving Friendship 

By Rev. Hubert Wu, Stouffville Grace Baptist Church

I grew up in a Christian home and many family members, mentors, youth counselors and spiritual friends have impacted me across various seasons of my faith journey. I am most grateful that God has gifted me with these spiritual guides in my life through thick and thin. If I had to pick one who has impacted me the most, it would be Rev. Eddie Ma whom I have known since Grade 5.  

Eddie was an atheist and grew up in a broken family. As a kid, he was an extrovert, athletic and musical. I was the complete opposite. Despite our different personalities, our friendship grew. I eventually led him to Christ and we began to serve God together at church and school fellowships. Because of our solid friendship, mutual trust and a love for Christ, we complimented each other with our very different serving approaches. I learned at a young age how God could make a strong team of diverse people with synergy that is very fruitful in ministry. Our partnership expanded my heart to embrace serving with people from diverse backgrounds, and being good stewards to maximize their God-given gifts and potential, leveraging them for kingdom impact.  

Eddie responded to God’s call for full-time ministry 17 years before I did. In a twist of fate, he became my spiritual mentor in ministry. After Eddie was a pastor for 15 years, he took a sabbatical leave from church to attain his PhD in Missions at Asbury Seminary. During his time there, he experienced a dramatic spiritual revival. All his friends, myself included, saw his breakthrough spiritually and his God-honouring fruits that came from that renewal. During the most challenging time in my pastoral ministry life about 15 years ago, Eddie mentored me as my heart became open to spiritual discernment and I practiced listening to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. He guided me to read books and referred me to spiritual renewal retreat centres that eventually landed me in the pursuit of a DMin. in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction.  

Throughout, over five decades of friendship, Eddie and I have remained good spiritual friends who pursue God together in mutually edifying ways and speak truth to each other in life-giving ways.   

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