Getting to Know Jesus [A Testimony]

By Steven Fernandez and Angela Dempster 

Hello everyone! My name is Steven Fernandez, and this is my story about how I met God.

I grew up in Uruguay, South America and was baptized in the Roman Catholic church as an infant. Of course, I don’t remember the experience as I was less than a year old. Through elementary school and high school, I could not connect with the church. Years later, as I approached my late 20s, I got into a bit of trouble which resulted in me having to make a major career change from nursing to construction. During this difficult time, my girlfriend (who is now my wife) stood by my side through thick and thin. Not only was she there for me, but she directed me towards the love of Jesus. My wife has been my rock and has helped me find my way to the Lord and to the church.  

When we first sat down in the seats at Mississauga City Baptist Church and heard Pastor Richard preach and read the Scripture, we both knew right away that MCBC was home. Meeting Jesus has saved my life, my marriage and has helped me become an even better father. We were blessed with a happy and healthy baby named Ethan. He has helped us connect with such amazing and supportive people at MCBC, giving us a church that we can call home. God has given me a beautiful family – my wife and son. He’s also blessed me with an even better position with my work! Knowing that I am Jesus’ son is more than enough for me.  I have peace. Recently, I was baptized and this time I do remember – an incredible experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. We also recently dedicated our son to the Lord and we are so happy that MCBC got to play a huge role in both of these first-time experiences. The church has helped us become a closer family and made us feel whole. When I sit back and look at my son and wife, I can definitely see God here guiding us all along. 

One thought on “Getting to Know Jesus [A Testimony]”

  1. Hola.
    I am a member of MCBC and want to welcome you to our congregation. I witnessed your baptism and baby dedication. I cheered for you and clapped. Even though you never knew that nor heard that, our wonderful LORD Jesus did. I am trying to get to church as I miss the friends and the contacts. one day i will get there and look forward to being able to see you in person.
    Until then
    Gloria Dios

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