An Update: Oasis Dufferin Community Centre

By Rev. Erika Abele, Director of Women’s Ministries 


Following the example of Jesus, Oasis exists to foster relationships among diverse community members who join together to meet physical, relational, emotional and spiritual hunger. 

Oasis is a unique and diverse community. Centred in the Dufferin and Dupont neighbourhood of central west Toronto, it attracts people from all over the city. Founded and governed by Christians, it welcomes people of all faiths or no faith. Serving people, Oasis has learned that we all have profound needs that are met by and with each other. 

The pandemic has changed life as we know it for all of us, and unfortunately, new challenges have arisen for many in our community who have now lost income and face uncertainty and food insecurity. We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people using our services, which required us to adapt our operations to meet those needs. By Spring 2021, the Seniors Computer Literacy and ESL programs were launched in virtual format. The Women’s counselling program, supported by CBWOQ, had fully transitioned to providing individual counselling to women in their homes. This has been incredibly effective because it removes barriers like finding childcare and paying for TTC in order to attend sessions. The Food Bank and meal program provided services outdoors. People from CBOQ churches have supported this work faithfully throughout the years and we only saw this increase as the needs have grown throughout the pandemic. 

Now more than ever, we need all hands-on deck to make sure that we can continue to offer a place of solace and support for our community members. We trust that God has good plans for us, and a secure financial future will help us to make them happen. Monthly donors are urgently needed.

For more information about donating to Oasis, and to learn about matching donors, contact Erika or visit the website.

Even though we would love to have you and your church members to come and visit us, due to social distancing measures we are unable to accommodate many people in the building at this time. However, we would like to hear from you and, together, find meaningful ways to get engaged in the work God is doing in our community.  

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