A Farewell

By Melody Currier,
Director of Communications and Member Care

It is hard to believe I will be completing my time with CBOQ at the end of this year. As I reflect back on my 13 years serving with CBOQ, two thoughts keep coming to mind.
It feels like church leaders are coming to us with the same questions and concerns today as they did over a decade ago. Have we, or specifically I, not been effective or helpful? As I have wrestled with this question for the last while, wondering where we have gone wrong, I have come to realize that I am limiting the way God works with this line of thinking. God has called me to serve him by serving our churches. God has not called me to decide when a church has achieved a certain level of “church health.” Our 335 churches are complex, fragile and ever-changing communities of people seeking to be transformed by Jesus. My role is to simply, and as best as I can, provide guidance along the way. There will always be work to be done. That is the beauty and messiness of being the Church and following Jesus.

Which leads me to my second thought. What a joy and privilege it has been to journey with so many of you these past 13 years! Through many phone calls, emails and meetings, I have gotten to know many of you along the way. I have learned and grown so much from you and will miss seeing you at CBOQ Assembly.

With gratitude,

Melody Currier

5 thoughts on “A Farewell”

  1. Thank you Melody for all you have done for CBOQ and for us as members of this community that is CBOQ. I appreciate you!

  2. Melody, you have served well! You are an amazing lady with incredible gifts, thank you so much for using those gifts well during your 13 years of service to CBOQ. You are a light! You are a blessing! You are appreciated and loved! God bless and thanks❤️

  3. Melody,

    What a blessing you have been to CBOQ! Your heart to serve others has always been reflective in your leadership. You will be missed and we wish you all of God’s beautiful blessings in this next chapter.

    Love Alana, Kevin, and Carter xoxoxo

  4. Thanks for your ministry with our convention of churches Melody. And all the best to you in your future endeavours.

  5. Melody to me you have embodied the words of Jesus “when you did it to one of the least… you did it to me”. Because of Christ

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