The Northern Cross

It’s easy to find Mistissini on a map of Canada. Look for the claw mark-shaped lake—Lake Mistassini—in Quebec, then slide your finger southward to the lake’s shore. There you will find Mistissini, a Cree Nation community and the home of our most recently welcomed family member, Mistissini Faith Bible Chapel.

We’ll be sharing more of Mistissini’s story next week, but in the meantime, here’s a small window into what’s been happening in this community…

On August 19, a large cross was illuminated over Mistissini. With the participation of local churches, and the funding and support of their Council, the cross is, in their words, “A symbol of hope, peace, redemption, and salvation.” We’ve included a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Walking Together

And as we welcome the opportunity to get to know our First Nations family, we also want to invite you to attend “Walking Together: We Are All Treaty People,” an online conference series organized by Kanata Baptist Church and Bilberry Creek Baptist Church. One of the keynote speakers, Dr. Matthew Coon Come, is from Mistissini! You can find out more about it and register here.


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