Knit Together

By Dana Barber
Member Care Specialist

Have you ever watched someone knit a blanket? I am always amazed that the stitches don’t unravel. Each loop on the knitting needle becomes a stitch that will support the next stitch, then the next. Things come unraveled when one is broken. But if the person knitting is diligent and finishes the project, one stitch at a time, the result is beautiful! Our prayer initiative is just like that. Each CBOQ church was asked to spend a year praying for a sister church. And that sister church was asked to pray for a different sister church. Together we are knitting a blanket of prayer to cover the ministries of all CBOQ churches.

Some churches are swamped with what is happening locally. They are happy to pray but do not feel the need to connect with emails or calls. Other churches are excited to develop a relationship with their sister churches. Whatever this looks like for each one, we can all use the gift of prayer. So, friends, let me encourage you to continue to lift up our CBOQ brothers and sisters in prayer.

Here are some examples of what has been shared about what this commitment to prayer looks like:

  • Putting a reminder in the weekly email to the church’s prayer team
  • Praying for the sister church during corporate prayer each Sunday
  • Pastor, quietly, alone in the office, praying over all this church’s affiliate ministries
  • Leaders calling and praying together for each other and those they serve
  • Exchanging emails with requests and praise items

This list barely scratches the surface. There are so many possibilities. If you are involved in this commitment to prayer for your sister church, and would like to share how you approach this, please get in touch with me! How has this impacted your church?

Also, thank you. Thank you for your response to the announcement that we are all doing this! You have been tremendous. Our church leaders have expressed enthusiasm and faithfulness. I have heard from you:

“Thank you. It is a privilege to pray for another church.”

“We do pray for our Association churches monthly, now we will add this church by name.”

“I will reach out for requests right away.”

“This is wonderful. Prayer changes things.”

“We are praying.”

Is this journey without its bumps? No. Some churches have had a difficult time getting responses back when they have extended a welcome. Please do not be discouraged. Remember—we are in challenging times, email addresses change, there are only 24 hours in the day, and we are not bound by specific requests. Prayer is always available, even when our voicemail is not.  If you would like more help trying to contact your sister church, I am happy to assist you. As always, CBOQ staff will continue to meet weekly (now online) to pray for our churches. After all, we are a family of Churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.

One thought on “Knit Together”

  1. OH BOY!! What do I know about Dana Barber??
    I was at her wedding.
    I was ather mother’s wedding,
    Her grandpa was my oldest brother.
    And I was “busting my buttons” when I discovered her plea for prayer to strengthen our Churches and our Associations!!
    Love you ,Honey, !!!

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