Knitting to Make a Difference

By Lynda Chessman, Hooks and Needles Coordinator
Cambridge Street Baptist Church, Lindsay Ontario

In 2008, a dream was born.  About 20 women from Beach United Church and surrounding community responded to a call to knit vests for shivering children.

In June 2016, a request to continue with this project was given to Mission’s Committee of Cambridge Street Baptist Church. Lynda Chessman acknowledged her interest to co-ordinate a group of knitters in the City of Kawartha Lakes. What started with 5 knitters has grown and multiplied to 368 knitters in one year.

The group was named Hooks and Needles, and meets once a month. We operate by receiving donations of wool and giving each member the required amount needed to knit, beanies, blankets and pneumonia vests. The vision of making a difference is catching on!

Satellite groups have been started in the following communities:

  • Lakefield at the Baptist Church
  • Peterborough at ST. John the Baptist Church as well as
  • Northminster United Church in Peterborough
  • Trinity United Church in Bobcaygeon
  • Cambray United Church in Cambray

We delivered 2,486 pneumonia vests and 656 baby blankets for a total of 3,142 items to Canadian Food for Children warehouse that is owned and operated by Dr. Simone. He pays for all the items to be shipped in containers to 22 impoverished countries. Also, over 2,498 beanies have been delivered by a medical team to Ghana.  As if that isn’t enough, 200 vests, 100 blankets and 100 beanies have been sent to the First Nations Moosenee Reserve. That’s over 6000 items in one year!

We are all blessed to receive prayers, and gifts of these donations which has helped to ease unimaginable suffering and given hope, love and life to countless little ones. This is the most humbling experience I have ever had. Praise God for where we are and how we cover so many children.

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