17 in 17—An Update

17in17I love new beginnings because they provide new opportunities and possibilities. 2017 is a new beginning and with it comes an opportunity for CBOQ Pastors to gather with other Pastors to pray together and learn together. We are inviting you to join one of the five CBOQ learning communities that will gather four times in 2017. We are going to focus on exploring how God’s Spirit can shape your leadership story and the story of your church so that your church can live out its mission in its community.

We are gathering in Hamilton, Ottawa, London, Toronto and Georgian Bay. We will meet once in the winter, spring, late summer and fall of 2017.

We will meet from 10am to 2pm with each person bringing their own bag lunch. In the mornings our conversations and learning modules will focus on us as pastors and leaders and in the afternoons we will focus on our churches and ministry contexts.

My hope is that each person that participates will feel affirmed in their calling and gain greater awareness about how God’s story and their story is shaping them and their church. I also hope people will be challenged to lead differently in 2017 as a result of gathering with colleagues in ministry.

The registration deadline is January 16, 2017. For more information go to baptist.ca/17in17

One thought on “17 in 17—An Update”

  1. Sorry to miss the due date would it be still possible to join one I have just made a pastoral move from Wheatley Ontario to Belleville Ontario and was looking at joining possibly the Kanata group.

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