Tragedy and a Request for Prayer

Yesterday at 11 am, a home on the Oneida reserve burned to the ground along with its five inhabitants—a father with four young children. This fire has deeply touched the Oneida community and our CBOQ family at Oneida Baptist Church as well; some of the children participated in the children’s programming and were well-known to the church members. Shirley and Brian Gleadall, who provide leadership for the church, are also deeply impacted, as in addition to getting to know the children at church, Shirley is also a teacher at the local school.

Please pray for the children’s mother and her other children as they face this unspeakable tragedy. There are no words to describe their loss. Please pray for the Oneida reserve and for the Oneida Baptist Church family as they grieve. Please pray for the students and teachers at the children’s school who are also reeling.

For more information on this loss, go to or click here.

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