Worship the Lord in the Splendour of His holiness.


Psalm 96:9

Gathering regularly to worship the living God is integral to the life of a church. As churches we foster an atmosphere and heart of worship in our gatherings so that our lives are formed in the way of God’s kingdom.

Back when the church was still in its infancy, it developed a pattern when it gathered for worship (Gathering, Word, Response and Sending).  This pattern was not meant to be a strict formula but rather a rhythm that reminds us of God’s story and intentions for us to be formed into mature worshiping followers of Christ.  Below you will find some resources and ideas that may help you may find helpful in putting together you worship gatherings.

Do you have a healthy and robust process for introducing new songs to your church?

Do your worship services have a time of “response” when congregants are invited to individually and collectively respond to the message?

Resources for WORSHIP
This a document that you could use to gather some ideas of the 4 fold pattern of worship.

Worship Team Application
This is a Worship Team Application document that you could tailor and use to help build a process for introducing new musicians to your worship team.

Worship Ministry Agreement
This is a sample ministry agreement. An agreement is intended to confirm the commitment of worship team members and the responsibilities they are signing on for. It’s a good idea to have team members sign annually. This offers the opportunity to reaffirm each ones commitment to the ministry. You and your church may have different expectations. If you decide to use an agreement, please feel free to use this as a template and edit as necessary.

CBOQ Worship Leaders Round Table
Thursday, Oct. 6th from 10am-12pm at the CBOQ offices
An opportunity for CBOQ Worship Leaders to meet each other, share ideas and resources.  Space will be limited so please RSVP to Carol at 416-620-2949 or cgouveia@baptist.ca.





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