Back to School

By Tanya Yuen
Children and Family Ministry Associate

Back to school and regular activities are resuming! Make the most of this transition back to the routine of lunch preparation, rushed mornings and extra-curricular activities by discovering the invitation to ‘sit at the feet of Christ’ in the midst of the busyness. Consider these 3 ideas:

  1. PRAY: Assign aspects of your daily routine to be prompts to conversation with God. Determine them as a family or invite each person to come up with ideas. For example, brushing teeth in the morning as a prompt to say, “Good morning Lord, thank you for a new day. May I be a fresh blessing of your grace to everyone I interact with today.” The school bell ringing as a prompt to say, “Thank you Lord for the privilege of education and a brain that can learn. Help me learn something new today.”
  2. PAUSE: Set a ‘code word’ as a family that anyone can say whenever things are getting too rushed and stressed. When the word is spoken everyone stops for 30 seconds, takes a deep breath and gives thanks to God for the gift of life and activities to be a part of.
  3. PRIORITIZE: Determine as a family what your priorities are for this new school year. Arrange your schedule to reflect these priorities.

We may not be able to change the reality of the fall routine being busier than the relaxed days of summer, but we can ‘choose the better part’ in how we move through it!

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