Churches Helping Churches

In our CBOQ family, we often say that we are able to do more together than we can alone. We are widely spread out and some of our churches are not very close to their nearest CBOQ family members. Sometime our neighbour is very close, but seems far away. There are lots of ways we can partner together to do more and better.

One of the ways we can partner is by sharing resources. There are experts among you in a variety of specialties: community life, worship, spiritual formation, missional engagement, organization and leadership development. Our congregations are often looking to implement processes that other churches have already navigated. We know that local churches have spent a kinds of time and creative energy developing tools that help their church organize well, inspire creative worship, develop spiritually mature people and witness to their neighbourhoods in compelling ways.

We also know that congregations are often searching for these tested, original resources. We want to help you make those connections. We are encouraging you to share with us your original materials so they can be shared across our CBOQ family.

We’re delighted that many already find this service helpful. We trust that this service will grow and continue to connect our congregations, equipping you in your vital ministry.

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