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Request for original materials developed by and for our CBOQ Churches and Pastors

Do you have original resources that you would be willing to share with our CBOQ family? We want to help connect churches with each other by pooling, cataloguing and promoting our electronic resources at

We know that for pastors and church leaders to be faithful in their ministry they are best when they seek the counsel, experiences and resources of other pastors. Our congregations are often looking to implement processes that other churches have already navigated. We know that local churches have spent all kinds of time and creative energy developing tools that help their church organize well, inspire creative worship, develop spiritually mature people and witness to their neighbourhoods in compelling ways.

We also know that congregations are often searching for these home grown, tested, original resources. We want to help you make those connections.

We are encouraging you to share with us your original materials so that we can share them widely across our CBOQ family. Some examples include:

  • Community Materials community worship formation mission
    Processes, guidelines, devotionals that help you navigate life together
  • Worship Materials
    Calls to worship, sermons, prayers, response activities, blessings, ideas for special ceremonies or other occasions, etc.
  • Spiritual Formation Materials
    Pre-marital counseling, baptism or membership classes, Baptist history courses, small group curriculum, etc.
  • Missional Engagement
    Materials that have helped you engaged your neighbourhood
  • Organizational Resources
    Visioning/restructuring, constitutional revision, policies, etc.
  • Leadership Development
    Gift discernment, leadership studies and materials.

The basic criteria for submission:

  • Reflects our Baptist distinctives and church practice
  • Transfers well to other congregational contexts (i.e., generic names, place locations, etc.)
  • Is original and doesn’t hold copyright restrictions
  • Fits into the schema of CBOQ’s online catalogue (complements what is already here or fills a significant “gap”)

In addition:

  • CBOQ will use its discretion as to which items we will post.
  • All submissions will be formatted to a standard CBOQ template – and may be edited for content.
  • This is a free service. Authors will be acknowledged but not remunerated and CBOQ will not receive any payment.
  • Only electronic submissions (Word document preferably) are accepted.

We are delighted that many already find this service helpful. We trust that this service will grow, continue to connect our congregations, and equip you in your important ministry. For questions or comments, please contact Dallas Friesen by email or call 416-620-2958. For submissions, please contact Kristi Pollard by email or call 416-620-2951.

God’s blessings to you,

Dallas Friesen,

Director of Congregational Development
Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec

Download the Permission Template allowing CBOQ to use your resources.

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