Membership has its Privileges

A family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.

If your church is a part of CBOQ, then you’re part of a big family. Like any family, there are bound to be much-adored cousins, an odd uncle here or there and a long history of love (and maybe even a bit of open conflict). Melody Currier, CBOQ’s Director of Operations and Membership, is charged with strengthening our family relationship and ensuring that we at CBOQ are staying well-connected with our member churches.

But how does one foster a sense of connectedness with a regionally diffuse, culturally diverse group of highly autonomous, independent church leaders?

It isn’t easy.

But that is what makes us special. We are diverse. We are distinct as individual churches, but we also believe that the local church is the expert in what God is doing in the community in which it’s planted. We at CBOQ are here to provide you with the resources your church needs to do what it does best – be the hands and feet of Christ in your neighbourhood.

Why does your church need to know it’s a part of CBOQ? “Churches can do so much more together. If it’s off on its own and not part of a larger family, it’s limiting its impact—even in its own neighbourhood. There’s room to do more if you’re together with another group of churches or an organization… If people grow up with a feeling of connection as a family… they have a home church wherever they may move about,” says Melody.

It’s more than just being a loyal member of the denomination. It’s about making connections with others who share your spiritual DNA. In a world where being connected is everything, Melody believes we have a unique opportunity. “The [next generation] wants to make change. If you’re connected with others, you’re better able to do that. If you grow up with ‘There’s more than just me,’ it fuels some of those impulses. When you’re independent, you don’t have the same connection points with other churches. You’re on your own. It’s better to be a part of a family.”

We’re building resources to help your church connect with others. We’re welcoming existing churches into our midst and planting new ones. We’re walking with others as they consider changing or even closing. We’re bringing all our churches together under one roof at our annual Assembly. We’re using the financial contributions of our churches to build up our whole church family as we are being transformed by Christ and sharing his Good News with our neighbours.

One thought on “Membership has its Privileges”

  1. Hi Melody Currier,
    I agree that in a fast moving world, connectedness is everything especially when it comes to
    building up our whole church family for effectively reaching out to others with our gospel
    message. It’s a blessing to be thus connected to bring glory to the one God in three persons,
    God the Father, God the Son, Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit. The church that I am a
    member of, Immanuel Baptist Church, North York is, as you know, a member of CBOQ and
    hence needless to say, I am a member of CBOQ and am willing to cooperate in any way I can
    for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.
    Solomon G. Gunapalan

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