Wemindji Trip July 2015

By Sara and Scott Dakin
Ambassador Baptist Church, Windsor, ON

This summer, a group of 12 Baptists made their way into northen Quebec, to the Wemindji community on the edge of James Bay. Their purpose was to lead a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for kids and teach adults how to better handle grief. Guided by Pastor Larry Forsyth, the team included members from First Baptist Wallaceburg, Joshua Ministries (Chatham) and Ambassador Baptist, Windsor. Graciously hosting the team were Pastor Randy DeCarlo and his wife Mickey of the Community Fellowship Church. A highlight of the trip was the moving interactions with 40 plus children each day in this wonderful First Nations community of about 1300 people. Sara Dakin took time to reflect on her own experience.

When I arrived in Wemindji, Quebec, I didn’t know what to expect, so I came with an open heart. What I found was a community that needed God’s love.

We did a kids’ Bible camp that week. On the first day, the kids were shy and didn’t follow along with the actions in our songs. But, by the end of the week, they opened up to me and I made a whole bunch of friends.

At one point or another, everyone wants to fit in, to be accepted and to feel like they are beautiful or handsome. All week, the kids kept asking me whether or not I had a boyfriend. One little girl said, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

IMG_6460“No,” I answered.

“Then, why are you so beautiful?”

I laughed and said, “You’re so cute!”

To which she replied, “No, you are!”

The little girl thought that the only way that you could be loved is if you were beautiful. I found that a lot of the kids had the same mindset.

One of the Bible points we learned during the week was, ‘Even when you’re left out or different, Jesus loves you!’

God used me that week to love the kids just the way they are. I already knew that the kids wouldn’t be perfect—no one is. But these kids are created and loved by God.

Samuel 16:7 says, “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

So, even when people think we’re weird, not pretty enough, not good enough or not smart enough. God loves us! God has the power to comfort and take us as we are—he loves us!

~Sara Kate Dakin (Age 15)


2 thoughts on “Wemindji Trip July 2015”

  1. Sara; I’m so proud of you Honey, I know would have been such a blessing to these children. You truly loved them in the Lord.

    Love Nanny

  2. I find it encouraging that not all mission trips are to the Caribbean in the dead of winter. This sounds like a grand experience all around. PTL!

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