Riding theWave

By Laura Matthews
Weston Park Baptist, Toronto

IMG_3984theWave youth group at Weston Park Baptist experienced a great season of growth in our relationships with Jesus, as friends and as young leaders who desire to serve.

This past June, the youth lead our worship service in music, personal stories, and student-made slideshows, while also celebrating our eldest student with an official send-off as he prepares for university this fall.

IMG_3987As we ramp up for the new school season, theWave looks forward to hosting a Fundraiser Football Tournament in September, donating the proceeds to a charity who supports varied-able bodies to participate in sport.

While serving and leading, it’s also important to connect and celebrate as brothers and sisters! We finished off the summer with a pool-pizza party hosted by our faithful volunteers in their home.

Please continue to pray for our leaders and students as we go deeper this year in the Word and in our journeys with Christ.

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