New Life in Lake Huron

by Pastor Richard Root
Mississauga City Baptist Church

Each summer the congregation of Mississauga City Baptist Church makes its way out of the city for a four day camping retreat. Of course, we have our regular supporters—those camping afficianados who come fully equipped with every piece of gear in the Coleman catalogue. But each year we are also joined by those who are making their first excursion into the Canadian Wilderness. MCBC is a congregation composed largely of newcomers to Canada. Our site is filled with the smells of jerk chicken, Chinese corn soup and Hyderabadi biryani.

Our Sunday worship, held outdoors in the cathedral of God’s creation, is always a highlight. This year’s service included the opportunity to make a faith declaration in baptism. Thirteen people ventured into the waters of lake Huron, surrounded by family and friends. With smiles and applause we watched fathers help baptize their sons, husbands and wives baptized together, even whole families enter the water at the same time. It was a stirring reminder of the way God intersects with our lives. And the joy of witnessing that experience is contagious!

Watch the video below and join in the celebration!

Baptism Declaration from CBOQ on Vimeo.



One thought on “New Life in Lake Huron”

  1. This video made me think of my own baptism and the journey that I have been on with my friend Jesus. I could not live without Him, nor would I want too. Praise God for all those who we witnessed being baptized, taking a step of faith to do what the Lord asked us to do. I hope this video reaches out to many who may be contemplating what it means to be a follower of Christ.

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