We Love Windsor: A Recap

A few weeks ago we shared with you about the upcoming event We Love Windsor 2015. (If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here.)

So what actually happened? James Krasinkiewicz from Ambassador Baptist Church shares about the outpouring of love in action for his home community.

WLW2015: An Overview

by James Krasinkiewicz

11078154_991822880836059_4371693190247394738_nWe Love Windsor 2015 was a huge event; it practically doubled in size from that which was done in 2014. Events across the city featured collectively: an art exhibit, 12 barbeques, a basketball clinic, a bike repair shop, car wash stations, free clothing stores, free haircuts, free Jesus videos, a free movie, free prayer, free yard sales, five family fun fairs, children performing music in a nursing home, an initiation to gardening class, a media awareness program, neighborhood clean-ups, and a parade float for the LaSalle strawberry festival.

958 volunteers served the community, 3182 citizens were engaged by the citywide event, and 4035 hotdogs and 1865 hamburgers were served as food, with the addition of other various assortments of snacks, treats, coffee, etc.

11427167_10155722076995422_3416439173292962175_n (1)At Ambassador Baptist Church we had a large tent for music performances as well as Christian comedian James McNeil. 2C Beyond Ministries supplied two large inflatable bouncy castles and a mini game stand. A face painting tent appealed to children and young adults alike, adding a level of flair to the attendees. Ambassador Bicycles came to the property to tune the bikes of locals, which was a great boon for many. UCB Christian Radio had a tent to play popular Christian music and liven our spirits. A prayer tent stood to distribute bibles to guests, to teach The Gospel, and to pray with people. Sections designated for registration, food distribution, and a childcare area all contributed to the efficiency, safety, and enjoyment of the day. Partnering with Hidden Treasures, we had a free store available inside the church. Free haircuts and free hair styling was also offered in a section next to the free store. Lastly, the basement held a room designated specifically for praying.

welovewindsor-36Approximately 40 volunteers worked with us, 500 people were engaged by the event, and 750 hotdogs were served. Everything that took place at ABC was available for free. Hotel Dieu Hospital, Windsor Port Authority, and Lakeshore Saint Andrews Church sponsored the event making ABC’s endeavors possible.

welovewindsor-89I felt God’s presence at WLW2015, and I am confident that we delivered in showing this city the love of Christ. Praise the Lord for his provisions and guidance!

Great Blessings,


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