World AIDS Day

The people that I have met who whose lives have been affected by HIV will never leave me. Grandmothers raising grandchildren alone because all their children have died. Orphaned children raising younger siblings. So many stories of assaults, exploitation, trafficking, abandonment, stigma, loss, grief and pain are hard to forget.

And in the midst of it all… hope.

HIV/AIDS can seem like a disease of the past – a problem from the late 90s that we’ve more or less dealt with. And it’s true – there are now treatments available for this incurable disease. It’s also true that there are still new infections,  and many who are suffering without access to treatment. Continuing to care for people whose lives have been affected by HIV is still important.

Our ministry partner, Canadian Baptist Ministries, works with those who are facing an uncertain future because of the disease. They’re helping HIV-positive mothers deliver babies who are HIV-free. They’re providing care and support to those who are affected in the countries in which they work. They’re running a camp for children whose lives have been affected by the pandemic, teaching them how to protect and care for themselves.

So today, on World AIDS Day, please pray for people around the world who are affected and infected by HIV and AIDS. And if you feel so inclined, consider giving to Canadian Baptist Ministries as they work to provide hope and care for those most in need.

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