A Fond Farewell to Miranda Queh

MirandaSaying goodbye is rarely easy. Saying goodbye to someone with Miranda’s faith and expertise is nearly impossible. But change is inevitable, and so our whole CBOQ team is preparing to say a fond farewell our Director of Finance and Administration, Miranda Queh, when she retires and starts her new adventures.

We asked her what she thinks she would miss most about being a part of the CBOQ team. Her first answer? She will miss the dedicated, faithful church treasurers that she has so enjoyed serving.

During her time here, Miranda has made many invaluable contributions. She has improved the CBOQ benefits plan, developed the group pension investment fund, and provided excellent resources for church administration. She has run workshops for church treasurers to help them do their job more easily and effectively. She’s helped those on the cusp of retirement to prepare for the days ahead. She has faced sheets of numbers, thorough auditors and the numerically challenged around the office. And she has done it all with gentle grace and patience.

Miranda isn’t quite done yet – she’ll be with us until June 2015 – and during that time she will continue to assist all our church’s administrators to excel in their service. We are preparing for change, but thanks to Miranda’s careful planning, we have a bit of time to do it.


5 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell to Miranda Queh”

  1. Miranda has been a wonderful person to work and serve with as our paths crossed via the CBOQ Foundation and CBM business meetings. Her competent dedication wrapped in her faith is a model for all of us. CBOQ struck it rich when she came on board!

  2. I was surprised to read of Miranda’s leaving but I know these things happen. I have found Miranda most helpful when I have ever needed any assistance from her. I have enjoyed chats with her at Assembly as well. Miranda has done a wonderful bit of work for CBOQ and for that I am very grateful. Blessings to you Miranda as you continue in the next phase of your journey.

  3. Miranda, it has wonderful to meet and know you. You became part of the CBOQ team the year or so before I finished my 26 year time as church treasurer. I wish you success as you travel down life’s highway of life, imparting knowledge and faith as you go.

  4. Miranda, I wish you the best of God’s blessings as you prepare to retire from CBOQ. I have enjoying working with you, mostly through e-mails, etc., as I have been church treasurer for 48 yrs. now. Also having had the pleasure of meeting you at conventions, seminars, and CBWOQ, always found you to be very pleasant and helpful. I will miss you. All the best to you in whatever God has in store for next.
    Jessie McGugan, Treas.
    Brooke & Enniskillen Baptist Church, Inwood, ON

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