Reignited and Ready

While the furor has faded now, there was a time when working on Sundays (or causing someone else to have to work) was verboten. Shopping was for Saturdays or throughout the week. And yet, right under everyone’s nose, an esteemed person in the community has been working every Sunday all along.

That’s right – early on Sunday morning, someone’s alarm goes off. He or she rolls out of bed and gets dressed, being careful not to wear the same shirt as the previous Sunday. Then this dedicated denizen gets into his or her car and drives to work. Every Sunday.

Reignite_stylized 1That person is your pastor, for whom every Sunday morning is a workday. They do it for the love of God and his people, forgoing regular weekends and restful moments at Christmas and Easter. Often when the rest of us are most likely ready to kick back, they kick into high gear.

But pastors are not superheroes, and the wear and tear of ministry can take its toll. Where is your pastor getting poured into and blessed? Reignite is CBOQ’s Pastors’ Conference, which was held this year at Nottawasaga Inn, near Cookstown.

This year’s Reignite Pastors’ Conference featured sessions led by Phil Zylla on the topic of “Discernment in Ministry.”  He encouraged pastors to ask themselves questions. How do we become increasingly aligned and attuned with what God is doing in us?  How do we become more adept at hearing God’s guidance for our personal lives and for the ministry decisions we make?

Reignite_stylized 2From the conversations around the event, this is a timely experience, as many are facing challenging decisions, and God is using this time to speak clearly and strongly.  Paired with enough time for quiet and contemplation, we are hearing that they are returning to their homes and ministries better equipped and strengthened to take the next steps to which God is calling them.

Reignite is a time for pastors to experience pastoral care and be filled and equipped to come back and serve their communities from a place of health, fullness and connectedness with God.LR_Reignite

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