Summer Round-Up

A Northern Summer

Untitled21900 kilometres is a long way for eight people to travel in two cars. But a team from four CBOQ churches partnered together and went to Wemindji to minister alongside Pastor Randy and Mickey DeCarlo for six days this summer. Members of Dresden Baptist, Joshua Ministries, First Baptist Wallaceburg and Ambassador Baptist experienced God’s leading to connect with this community of Cree people.

Their main mission was leading a kids Bible camp for about 30 children at the Wemindji Pentecostal Church. Together they taught, sang, made crafts and prepared food.

Untitled1Scott Dakin, the Pastor at Ambassador Baptist writes, “We received greatly in learning from our First Nation friends. We happened to arrive just after the death of a younger church member. To witness the communal grieving of a loved one gone on to be with the Lord was powerful. We also gained deeper insight on the past pain that carries forward in communities from the residential school abuses. It’s fair to say that each of us has a greater appreciation for these dear people. Lord, come in power and bring continued hope and healing from you!”

With a missional foundation laid earlier by Pastor Larry Forsyth the team is already anticipating a return visit next summer to share and learn again.

Belfountain’s Bounty

We love to hear from our churches about what they’re doing to reach out to your communities, but sometimes we stumble upon you by accident. Elaine Lui, our Ministry Coordinator, came upon some excitement at Belfountain Village Church.

photo[1]“On a warm August Saturday morning I decided to go to Belfountain to enjoy some fresh air and have a stroll. I noticed a fire truck outside a church. Out of curiosity (and some concern), I stopped to check it out. Surprisingly, a different kind of fire was burning at Belfountain! It was their community fund raising event. There were booths for Meals on Wheels, a display of antique cars, classic records, a pie sale, barbecued hamburgers and an excellent Elvis tribute artist serenading the crowd. We could even hear the music in the Belfountain Conservation Area. Even at 179 years old, Belfountain is renewing themselves to connect with their community. What an awesome effort!”

Summer School

Summer is a wonderful time for children, but it can also be a stressful time for parents who are scrambling to find interesting things for little ones to do in the absence of school. Vacation Bible School not only provides relief for parents, but it also sows the words of Jesus into the hearts of little people, some of whom have very little experience with church.

IMG_8590At Beckwith Baptist Church, Suzanne Thomson-Lafosse reports, “Our July was filled with laughter, fun and the Good News of Jesus Christ! We shared through our VBS A-OK Club (Acts of Kindness) and brought children and adults to the church 5 Thursdays in July… It was a great summer.”


First Baptist Church, Perth, also hosted a VBS – their first in fifteen years! Thanks to a government grant, they were able to hire someone to lead the weeklong program, bringing children from the community together in the heart of Perth to learn about Jesus and enjoy each other’s company.

Investing in our children is worth every moment. We are caring not only for our present, but we are also developing and mentoring future leaders and limbs in the body of Christ. It is exciting to see how God is working in our churches.

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