Old-Fashioned Hospitality

by Walter McIntyre, Initiatives Associate (and dessert lover)

DiningHallGathering together around food is always a good way to get conversation flowing. To connect with their neighbours, Pastor Kenneth Craig of First Baptist Church, Kincardine, led his church to host a monthly community meal.  It is quite the event – between 80 and 120 people turn out (and no wonder)!  The church does a good job of serving and the community is appreciative of the good spirits that are present at the event.

BBQI visited on an evening in June 26 when the congregation of First Baptist put on a community meal for about 75 Kincardine residents, many of whom are retired people – just neighbours eager to enjoy a social time in the presence of loving Christians.  The church created a warm, inviting time of fellowship.


About 25 members of the congregation served – as cooks and servers and barbecuers, and dishwashers – not counting all of the members who must have baked for a week to create the spread of pies and cakes and other homemade desserts.  Among the delectable treats were carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, raisin pies, apple pies, cherry pies, blueberry pies…a tour de force of dessert making.

A barbecue chicken dinner – just like an old fashioned harvest dinner – gave the church a chance to show Jesus’ love to the community.  The members of the congregation  enjoyed serving as much as those who were served and a bright spirit was enjoyed by all.

The next dinner will be on July 31.

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