New Communications Associate

MeHello CBOQ family!

I’m Jacqueline Solomon, the new Communications Associate at CBOQ.

Please allow me to introduce myself! I come to you from an international development communications background, where I shared the stories of people around the world with those here in Canada. I’m excited to have the opportunity to share your stories and what God is doing in and through your communities.

My family is a part of Spring Garden Baptist Church in Toronto, a community that has welcomed us and made us feel like we really belong. It is this very sense of home that I hope many people will have as they walk through the doors of your church buildings – places where we are challenged, loved and encouraged to grow in our faith.

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing about how God is using our Baptist churches to share the good news and love of Jesus, welcome newcomers and equip his people to serve him better.



3 thoughts on “New Communications Associate”

  1. We as family of CBOQ welcome you into the fold. God bless you for your new position.Do plan to visit the south asian welcome centre located in brampton.
    Dr Nita and Sushil , Bill , Dr Hutchinson.

  2. We are so pleased that God has called you to serve with the CBOQ family. May you be a blessing to our family of churches and leaders. We will be praying for you and your integration into the life and rhythm of the CBOQ. Rob and Sarah

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