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Laurie Barber Retirement

Laurie BarberIt is with regret and a measure of joy that we announce the retirement of Laurie Barber at the end of 2013. Laurie has served Baptist churches across Canada his entire career, beginning at Uxbridge Baptist Church, then serving in Western Canada at Altadore Baptist, Calgary and then as Area Minister for Manitoba and Saskatchewan with CBWC, before returning to Toronto to pastor Kingsway Baptist Church. He served for six years as Area Minister for Toronto area churches and for the last eight years as Director of Missional Initiatives for CBOQ.

Through out his many years of ministry, Laurie’s passion has been mission-shaped living:  seeing the kingdom of God at work both inside and outside the walls of the church. He has pushed CBOQ forward to envision our churches through the lens of mission, and to understand that we are “sent” to the neighbourhoods we live in. We look forward to hearing how God continues to use Laurie to embrace ministry in his new season of retirement.

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11 thoughts on “Laurie Barber Retirement”

  1. I am jealous and hope to join you someday soon. Hope the next few years are filled with joy and the presence of Christ in all that you do from the freedom of being wise and old.

    Love in Christ Don

  2. Many pastors (including myself) and congregations have benefited from your insights and counsel, Laurie, with gratitude to God. Welcome to the retired and retreaded fold!

    In Christ,

  3. We at FBC Welland pray God’s best as you and your family move into this new chapter in your lives…take time to relax, refresh, renew and resurrect some old past times of recreation…as you reinvent yourself Laurie!!! i guess i might say re-ignite the fire to passionately serve Jesus.. hope to see you at the resort next week…

    God bless,

    p.s. how many words with re can you find???

  4. Laurie,
    I rejoice with you as you move into the next and well deserved phase of you life. You go with my admiration and appreciation for your encouragement and affirmation over the years.
    In Christ,

  5. Laurie: They must have photo shopped your picture. You don’t look like a man retiring. Thanks for your influence and your passion amongst us all!!
    Shalom, Donna

  6. Laurie,
    You have been a real blessing to so many at Dufferin and Oasis.
    You will be missed.
    Your understanding of church and mission has helped shaped the views of many, including myself.
    God bless you,

  7. Laurie,
    Congratulations on your up-coming retirement. I have often given thanks to God for you, your passion, caring, gentle manner and your work for God’s Kingdom over many years. I have a bit of an advantage over some others in that I will see you often at various family functions. The Neustadt church family look forward to your being with us on Nov. 17th and eager to hear what God gives you to share with us. May you and Jane enjoy having more time to spend with each other. Blessings! Bob Little

  8. Laurie,
    Congratulations on your retirement! Thanks for the leadership you have provided over the years. I recall my years in front line chaplaincy ministry in Toronto with real fondness and am grateful for the opportunities I had to work with leaders like you, Graham Barnes, and others. Many Blessings for the journey ahead,
    Hugh Kirkegaard

  9. Greetings Laurie: Thanks for your friendship and your many years of faithful service to the Lord. It was great to work with you both in Western Canada as well as BCOQ. Both Ruth and I send you our best wishes for the many years ahead when we are sure God will open many more ministry oportunities and blessings.
    Love in Christ, Don and Ruth

  10. Dear Laurie:
    We wish you all the very best in your retirement! It has been a blessing for us to know you through the years of ministry, both as our pastor and as a colleague. We have all been touched by your genuine caring as well as your seasoned wisdom, thanks again! May the Lord continue to grace your life with joy and peace for many years.

    In Christian love

    Mike & Lynne

  11. A few words that describe Laurie to us: Visionary – Apostolic – Gentleman – Expositor – Diplomat – Champion – Friend.

    I remember being in a Sunday School Classroom at Yorkminister Park Baptist Church immediately after a TBIS meeting with Laurie early in our ministry in Canada. He took a white board marker and began laying out a word picture of the Great Commission as it was being demonstrated among the churches and mission organizations of Canada’s largest and most multicultural city. Laurie often did this kind of thing. I watched him inspire countless missioners young and old. He crossed borders, came south and helped fellow Baptists here grow in their missional discipleship, inspiring mission teams, new dollars and other resources ‘to come over here and help us’. When theses church teams returned home they saw new mission fields right under their feet. Laurie helped define the missional church for many. During the short 15 years of our ministry intersecting with ‘the Gentleman Apostle’ we were privileged to learn and participate in urban missions first hand, and gain the tools we use today as we welcome the nations. Laurie taught us to love Christ above all others, to trust and serve the church and befriend those he is bringing from around the world and across the street into our lives.

    The last time Laurie was in our home we talked about the World Mission Festival he had come to Ottawa to participate with us on at Bromley Road Baptist Church. His legs and feet were hurting. He felt cold. We served hot tea, took his shoes off and tried to warm him with a blanket. As I sat in the room with him I knew it would be perhaps my last time with him. My heart was full. How grateful I am for God granting me time to be discipled by Laurie Barber. Down south we miss our friend and wish him well. How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

    Marc and Kim Wyatt
    CBF Internationals Team

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