Trends in CBOQ Ministry

Trends in CBOQ Ministry

Trends in CBOQ MinistryOver the last three years many of our CBOQ ministry leaders have faithfully participated in filling out an annual survey. The purpose of this survey is to give you the opportunity to offer feedback that might inform our decisions on ministry initiatives and focus as we seek to support and enable our churches and their leaders. The results have been useful in helping us better understand ministry situations across CBOQ and to form a strategic plan around areas of strength and growth. Below are some highlights of the most recent survey results:

  • A primary area of focus in the survey is work / life balance. It is encouraging to note that consistently over the last three years, about 80% of survey respondents report having adequate or lots of time for family.
  • When asked if finances are a source of stress, about 50% report “no” or “not really”, with about 17% indicating “yes” or “very much”.
  • Another area of focus in the survey is personal / professional development and spiritual renewal. Here we have a somewhat concerning result that around 20% of our ministry leaders indicate $0 for personal development / continuing education. We are glad to see this number declining and are hoping to see this trend continue. CBOQ recommends that at least $500 per year be set aside as a personal development / continuing education allowance.
  • Similarly, about 30% of respondents indicated they did not have the opportunity to take study leave. We would encourage churches to make time for their ministry leaders to pursue study.
  • With regard to CBOQ resources, it is exciting to note that about 60% of respondents attended Assembly and about 20% of respondents attended ReIgnite. It is our hope to see these numbers increase.

In the coming weeks, many of you will be receiving an email with a link to this year’s survey. It may seem repetitive, but we purposefully ask the same questions, allowing us, over time, to recognize trends that will help us in our development of programs and initiatives. Thank you in advance for taking the time to once again complete the survey.

Tim McCoy, Executive Minister

One thought on “Trends in CBOQ Ministry”

  1. Thanks for releasing (some of) the findings of the survey. It is nice to hear. You may be interested to know that CF Chaplains are encouraged to take 3 day spiritual retreats each year and their is money set aside in unit/establishment budgets to fund the requests. The amount co-incidentally is that recommended by CBOQ, $500.

    Rev. Capt. Wayne Sollows
    Canadian Army Chaplain

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