Having a Few Friends Over for Christmas

Last Tuesday, Ambassador Baptist Church hosted a remarkable Christmas event for their neighbours in west Windsor when nearly 350 people from their community came to the church for a hot turkey dinner. As Pastor Scott Dakin remarked, the entire event was a “great witness of Christ’s love to the community:” the meal was provided free of charge, children received gifts and everyone enjoyed live Christmas music.

“I think the West End [of Windsor] seems to be a little bit forgotten and getting sadder news these days. We just want to bring some good Christmas cheer [to our neighbours] and bring the good news of Christ being born at Christmas too.”

Photos: JASON KRYK / The Windsor Star
Watch a brief video with Scott Dakin in the Windsor Star

3 thoughts on “Having a Few Friends Over for Christmas”

  1. If more churches looked outwards into the community there would be more people ready to listen to God’s word being preached. These folk worked hard to obey the command of Jesus, “Feed my sheep” – we all need feeding physically and spiritually. God bless you Pastor Scott Dakin and all who made this happen.

  2. My son and I are struggling and would appreciate if the church has families that might adopt us for Christmas…. we just relocated back here from Calgary and lost our belongings in storage and won’t have a very nice Christmas

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