Ceiling Collapse at Westview Baptist Church

This past Sunday morning at 7:30 am, the ceiling of Westview Baptist Church in London, ON suddenly collapsed. Thankfully, no one was in the sanctuary at the time of this incident and so no one was harmed by the wreckage. The cause of this collapse has not yet been determined.

We invite you to pray for Westview Baptist, both in gratitude for their safety and also as they rebuild. Presently, the congregation is able to continue meeting in another part of the facility.

Ceiling Collapse

4 thoughts on “Ceiling Collapse at Westview Baptist Church”

  1. Prayers of support for your congregation as you handle this situation. Prayers of gratitude to our God that it is only damage to the building that requires handling!

  2. May the Lord God be honoured in every action and word. May people come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ because of your witness during this time, as you act in love and unity.

  3. The members of Westview Baptist church have had an amazing impact in local and global ministry. This news comes as a shock. We are grateful that there was no loss of life. We pray for you as you forward with facility repairs and the mission to which God has called you.

  4. This comes as a total shock. I just learned of this. Brothers and sisters in Christ, we love you and will be praying for you at this time. Praise God no one was injured! God will certainly use this misfortune to glorify Himself through the faithful perseverance of the Lord’s servants there at Westview.

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