Celebrating 25 Years at SCBC

Today, Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church (SCBC), one of Canada’s largest Baptist churches, celebrated their 25th Anniversary. More than 1,500 people attended a joint worship service conducted in three languages yet praising God in unison.

Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church - 25 Year Anniversary Service

What is remarkable about this milestone, however, is the way the church didn’t keep their celebration to themselves. Yesterday, the church held a free neighbourhood Carnival with booths and games – welcoming their community to share their joy. This outward-looking ethos has marked the remarkable trajectory of SCBC through the years.

The words of Warren Lai, Senior Pastor of SCBC, summarizes their 25-year journey with God: “Born in a distant corner called ‘Scarberia’; brought up at a time when the tsunami of immigrants rushed ashore; faced with many challenges and difficult choices through various stages of existence; [we] experienced the variety and abundance of God’s grace.”

Dr. Thomas Choy, Chair of the SCBC Deacons’ Board resonated that, “The story of SCBC tells us about God’s greatness transcending our smallness, God’s sovereign will outmatching human’s willful stubbornness and His amazing grace transforming us from weakness and sinfulness to his lovely handiwork.”

SCBC ChurchSCBC was first planted in 1986 with around 300 members. They soon established themselves as a vibrant centre within the community, developing a wide range of ministry initiatives including ESL, line dancing, after school drop-ins and Bible studies. Through God’s abundant grace, as immigration to the area increased, SCBC continued to grow. The church now comprises of more than 1,700 people. In 2007, they moved into a 77,000-square-foot facility, where they seek to “grow God’s people into the full measure of Christ, and reach out by caring for the needy and evangelizing the world” at their doorstep in Scarborough. Learn more at www.scbc.com

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