A Bigger Vision for Mission

Recently, one of our young adults, Elaine Kwok, completed an internship with a urban ministry in Ontario that opened her eyes to the meaning of mission. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“Before working with this ministry, my understanding of mission was quite shortsighted. I unconsciously attributed mission work to those who shared the gospel overseas or participating in short-term mission work when you have the spare time. How small this vision was!

I learned that mission does not need to be complicated. It does not have to consist of complicated itineraries, long flights, or large teams. God taught me that mission is as simple as going over to someone’s home and tutoring a child, playing softball with women, having a pleasant conversation with a mother over tea, driving a mother to the bank and helping her figure out the ATM, teaching an ESL women’s class, or going to the pubic library with some children. It is as simple as forming a friendship with another person and seeing the opportunities God gives to speak about His abounding love and saving grace whether it is through words or actions.

During this internship, I witnessed God at work. It was amazing to see that as relationships formed over a couple weeks, God began to tear down walls and allowed us to talk about our faith with many of the families we tutored and visited. I did not expect these neighbors to open up so quickly, especially since there were the ones who initiated the conversations! Praise God for these opportunities! I think that is why life with Christ Jesus is so adventurous; you never know where God will lead or what He will teach you, but you can rest assured that He has plans to prosper you!”

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  1. It’s great to see God use you in this opportunity for mission. As your life, work and personal life becomes integrated with God’s mission, that’s when God enters in. It’s great to see this happen for you this summer. Praise God!

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