Flow Ministries gushes to the borderlands of faith

Louis LeungThree and a half years ago, Reverend Louis Leung had a vision to build house churches.

Anecdotal evidence collected by Flow Ministries suggests that 80 percent of the population in Canada will never step into a regular church. Flow Ministries aim to reach this 80 percent in their mission to “make God’s love known and make disciples of Christ where people spend most of their time – at home, work, and recreational spaces.”

“It’s important to us to have people worship and live their faith in those places and not just in a church building,” said Leung.

Flow’s approach to discipleship is scripturally methodical. The three key elements are denying oneself, picking up one’s own cross, and following Jesus.

“The heart of God is shared when we follow Jesus with our cross and sacrifice ourselves to gain Christ,” said Leung.

Everything about their discipleship process is intentional. During weekly visits, Leung says it’s not uncommon for him to end up in a spiritual conversation within three minutes of knocking on someone’s door. “It’s incredible how easy it is to bring God into the conversation,” he said.

Flow’s café ministry is an integral part of this conversation. Through partnering with Paintlounge in Markham ON, Flow uses art, literature, and “soul-awakening songs” to attract people into the café and open up discussion about spiritual matters.

People are drawn to exploring topics such as the meaning of life, pain, struggles, the future, relationships, and reconciliation, says Leung, all of which “God fits into.”

“We want people to know that God’s love is real and very practical,” said Leung. “We want them to know that God cares about their fights, temper tantrums, frustrations, and misunderstandings,” he said.

Flow Ministries is currently facilitating three house churches which will eventually be linked together in an online community.

Article and photo by: Lia Kim, CBOQ Communications Intern

3 thoughts on “Flow Ministries gushes to the borderlands of faith”

  1. What is your final purposes for the 2 house churches? Are you trying to separate people from a house church and a local church? Does your house churches include 4 basic purposes of a church: teaching, worship ( baptism,communion) fellowship, evangelism?

    1. Hello Grace.

      House churches are churches, just not in a traditional church building. The purpose they serve is to build community, share the Gospel, encourage worship together, and be a welcoming space for people who are not comfortable in a traditional church context. Some people may move from this context into a church building; others may choose to remain in a house church. We are definitely not trying separate anyone from their local church – we love our churches! – rather please think of this as meeting people where they are to introduce them to Jesus in a place where they feel comfortable.

      Thanks for writing, and I hope this answers your questions.

      Jacqueline, Communications Associate

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