the Penny Pot

Canadian Pennies


Did you know the Canadian penny is going out of circulation in the fall of 2012? At that time, pennies will start to be returned by businesses. This creates a unique fundraising opportunity for your church. All you need to do is find a pot or jar, collect your pennies and encourage others to do the same.

Is your church raising funds for a missions trip? Set up a Penny Pot in your church and invite members to recycle their obsolete pennies for kingdom work.

Is your church involved in a local community initiative? Your local grocer or hardware store might set up a Penny Pot right at the till on behalf of your summer camp, food bank or ESL program.

Otherwise, start a penny pot for your charity of choice (which could include CBOQ). This opportunity only comes once! For more ideas, contact Sue Chester by email or phone her at 416-620-2948.

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