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UPDATE:  Read blog posts on 2012-2013 AIM Group experience in Lebanon

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, LebanonHow about a year of stretching your heart and mind in the direction of mission?

We want to invite you to consider being part of a year-long process of learning with colleagues and applying fresh perspectives on your mission and ministry. Please read through this description and see if the AIM Group is something you would like to join.

What is the AIM Group?

A group of pastoral leaders meeting six times throughout the year (2012-2013) and travelling together on a two week short-term mission experience in Lebanon, for the purpose of growing in our understanding and practice of integral mission. Integral mission means “the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel.” According to one key proponent and advocate of integral mission, Tim Chester, integral mission recognizes that “our proclamation has social consequences as we call people to love and repentance in all areas of life, and our social involvement has evangelistic consequences as we bear witness to the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.” In short, we want to learn and grow together in our ability to lead our congregations or our ministry settings in greater and more meaningful engagement of our communities for the sake of the reign of God.

Who will make up the AIM Group?

Up to eight ministry leaders from within CBOQ. Qualifications include:

  • An ability to commit to the Short Term Mission experience, including the funding for that trip
  • The ability to participate in the 6 one-day sessions throughout the year
  • Willingness to assist other leaders with growth in integral mission, upon completion of this experience
  • Being a good team member (having such values as: coming as a learner, not primarily a teacher; honouring points of view not necessarily your own)
  • Good health, particularly in light of sometimes challenging travel conditions
  • Willingness to participate in pre-gathering and pre-trip assignments
  • Commitment to applying what we learn in your own ministry context

Given that there is a limit to the number of participants, application does not guarantee participation.

AIM Group 2010-2011

What is the Short Term Mission (STM) Component?

The STM experience will be a trip arranged through Canadian Baptist Ministries to Lebanon, February 5-19, 2013. On this trip we will learn from our Lebanese and other Middle Eastern colleagues about their integral mission efforts, which include community development work, evangelistic practices, theological education, church health and growth issues, etc. We will also perhaps have the opportunity to do some resourcing of these leaders, by participating in workshops or seminars for local pastors or ministry students.

What are the other meeting events?

Three times before going to Lebanon and three times after the trip, we will gather for one-day events to learn together, prepare together and care for each other around themes of integral mission. There will be content presented, some limited reading assignments, team-building opportunities, peer support around application of the concepts, prayer together and, obviously, orientation to Lebanon and the STM experience. Because the mission experience focuses on the Arab world, we will have specific orientation to the interaction between Christianity and Islam, and the implications of that relationship to the ministry we do here in Canada as well.

Upon our return, we will support each other in our attempts to apply what we have learned from the STM experience. Some of the teaching components will be:  a theology of integral mission; seeing our communities with cross-cultural eyes; redeeming our view of “pastor;” how our unique stories and gifts shape our missional living; global voices in missional expressions – and how they translate to our communities. Our suggested dates for these gatherings are: October 2, November 13, January 15, March 12, May 14 and June 18.

What costs are there?

The cost of the short term mission component will be around $3500 – $4000. This includes travel costs, accommodation, food while in Lebanon; the only other costs for the STM will be your incidental purchases, such as souvenirs or personal items. Each participant will be responsible for this portion; this may be from your congregation or ministry group, or “fund-raised” by the participant. Since it is a mission trip, funds raised can usually receive a charitable receipt.  More details on how this can be accomplished will be available.

CBOQ will cover the costs of the six other gatherings, including a meal while we are together. If your congregation or ministry group cannot/does not cover your travel to and from our meeting sites (which will be in Toronto) we will cover those costs as well.

Please consider whether this opportunity has your name on it!  If so, or if you have further questions, contact Brian Craig (416-620-2939) by September 7, 2012

2 thoughts on “About Integral Mission (AIM)”

  1. I was a part of the first AIM event. Found it a very stimulating and mind-expanding experience and developed some good friendships. Highly recommended.

  2. It would be interesting, while the group is in Lebanon, to get the viewpoint of local pastors and congregations concerning the recent “Muslim-friendly” translations of Scripture. The debate in the West seems to be largely ignoring the opinions of those most affected by these changes to God’s Word.

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